April 24, 2019

The Class of 2019, faculty, staff, and other law students gathered in the Law School's atrium on April 23 to raise a collective glass and toast themselves, their Law School, their strong bonds, and their bright futures.

The annual April ceremony honors the hard work and shared experiences of students who are nearing the end of their law school experience. Speakers included Willie Burden (3L), Richie LaMura (3L), Dean Regina Jefferson, Gemma Forrest (3L), and Katelyn Holbrook (3L), who was chosen to speak at the toast on behalf of her classmates. Sandra Sawan (3L) was selected as the student commencement speaker, and Callan Smith (3L) was selected as celebration speaker. Professor Mary Leary was also recognized for being named as Faculty Marshall for 2019, the person who will read the names of the graduating students.

Dean Regina spoke to the outgoing class about their journey ahead and thanked them for their commitment. "It has been my privilege to observe you come together as a class. Your class has served the CUA Law community with a great sense of commitment, you have shown tremendous leadership, and you have supported each other through challenges, with compassion. And for this, I am both proud of and grateful to you."

Holbrook's speech reflected on the Class of 2019's time at CUA Law. "Congratulations to all of you on the completion of this law school endeavor. Its a huge accomplishment. And I am confident that this conclusion of our law school career is just the beginning to something far greater."

She closed her remarks offering another toast to class of 2019. Kieran Reilly (3L) invited guests to join in eating cake.