April 17, 2019

Three law review articles, which are the fruit of CUA's long cooperation with Jagiellonian University, have been recently published, and a forthcoming book will be published with Springer, Kobe University Social Science Research Series.

CUA Law Professor Emerita Leah Wortham and Fryderyk Zoll published an article in the Fordham International Law Journal on issues of judicial independence and accountability in Poland. The initial version was presented at Fordham at a conference on Comparative and International Perspectives on Regulation of Legal and Judicial Services in December 2017. Particularly in the last year-and-one-half, the European Union has taken several steps toward Poland regarding rule-of-law concerns that are the first of their kind in the E.U.'s history. The article appears is an issue focused on the European Union.

JU faculty member Piotr Szwedo, who directs the Jagiellonian Foreign Law School Center of which the American Law Program (ALP) is a part, cooperated with Professor Emeritus George Garvey, CUA Law Professor Megan LaBelle, and former visitor Richard Peltz-Steele, who still teaches for us in the ALP, in the planning of a March 2018 conference at Jagiellonian on Law and Development. The Catholic University Law Review agreed to publish an outstanding paper from that conference. A book of works from the conference, co-edited by Professors Szwedo, Peltz-Steele, and a Japanese colleague will be published Springer, Kobe University Social Science Research Series in 2019. Papers by George Garvey, Richard Peltz-Steele, and Piotr Szwedo appear in the volume as well as contributions from CUA Law LL.M. graduates Gaspar Kot and Daniel Zatorski and American Law Program Coordinator Wojciech Banczyk. Gaspar, Daniel and Wojciech are all Ph.D. students at Jagiellonian.

Theresa Vogel '05 has recently published an impressive article in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform on domestic violence and asylum law. Theresa worked with the Jagiellonian Human Rights Center and Clinic from 2000-2002 before attending CUA Law.