December 10, 2018

CUA Law Professor Marshall Breger had an op-ed on George H.W. Bush published in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

When George H.W. Bush was reluctant to wear a yarmulke

WASHINGTON (JTA) - George H.W. Bush was a man of uncommon decency. He also was a man of uncommon integrity.

I worked for him for over 10 years, while he was the vice president and then president. My memories could fill a book (or at least a chapter of one). Being out of politics, I no longer maintain the proverbial "wall of fame" that Washington lawyers have of themselves with famous people. But one of the few photos I have kept was one of Vice President Bush holding my daughter, then 5 months old, lovingly and affectionately. When I learned of his death last week, I walked over to my mantelpiece to commune with it for some minutes.

George H.W. Bush was both a man of principle and action. I remember a small meeting at his residence called at the request of the Israeli ambassador about the deteriorating situation of the Ethiopian Jews still in Africa. A Pentagon official said they were quietly taking three to five Jews out every week on a commercial airplane to Brussels and doubted they could substantially increase the number.

The vice president broke in and pointed out that the premise of the meeting was that the Ethiopians' situation in Somalia was perilous. The Pentagon official agreed.

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