June 12, 2018

CUA Law Professor Megan M. La Belle was quoted in an American Banker article discussing bank-on-bank patent suits. See below:

Is USAA vs. Wells Fargo the start of a broader patent war?

From: American Banker
By: Mary Wisniewski (Nathan DiCamillo contributed to the article)
Date: June 11, 2018

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"I think we may see more bank-on-bank patent suits," said Megan La Belle, a professor at Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law who co-wrote a study about banks and the patent system several years ago.

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The America Invents Act, signed in 2011 and considered the most significant patent reform since 1836, made it easier to invalidate patents. But there is a lot of rethinking whether the legislation might have gone too far, said La Belle, who with her colleague Heidi Schooner is currently working on updated report about banks and patents.

"The timing is significant here," she said.

Time will tell how much the pervasiveness of remote deposit technology helps or hurts USAA's case. Its ubiquity does not necessarily undermine USAA's argument as much as give it a pool of companies that could be infringing on its patents, La Belle said. In fact, she said that USAA has a pretty good chance to win the suit against Wells Fargo.

"I don't think USAA has filed this suit lightly," she said.

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