May 29, 2018


The Institutes and Special Programs Certificate Ceremony, held on May 24, in the Rev. William J. Byron S.J. Auditorium, invited graduates of the four certificate-issuing Institutes, as well as their guests, to celebrate their achievements.

Certification from these Institutes - the Comparative and International Law Program, the Law and Public Policy Program, the Law and Technology Institute, and the Securities Law Program - endorses the student as a graduate who offers employers a level of subject mastery that is significantly beyond that which may be learned in the general J.D. curriculum.
"These are students who have gone above and beyond the requirements for earning a J.D. degree," Dean Daniel F. Attridge said. "These students have seized the opportunity to focus on specific, substantive areas of law. All of this, I believe, will make them particularly well-suited for a lifetime of service."

After the Dean's welcome remarks, the director of each program spoke of their pride in this year's graduates and discussed their accomplishments.

"Congratulations to our graduates. You earned this day through your hard work and we can't say congratulations enough," Professor Roger Colinvaux said, who is completing his fourth year as the director of the Law and Public Policy Program. Colinvaux spent a few minutes summarizing the projects his students created this year that tackled such issues as family law, tax law, civil asset forfeiture, space law disabilities law, and criminal law. Professor Colinvaux recognized Corinne Berbaum, Latena Hazard, and Erica McCrea with the Dulin Haynes Fellowship for their dedication to public service.

"Our Institute is dedicated to preparing our students for an increasingly globalized world. Many of the CILI students participated in either or both the International Business and Trade Summer Law Program in Cracow and the International Human Rights in Rome," Professor Geoffrey Watson said.

"Your loved ones have gained a practical understanding of how the securities industry works. This is acquired by participating in one or two requisite externships. Examples include the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority," Professor David Lipton said. All the securities graduates, either on their own or with the assistance of Professor Lipton, have offers of employment.

"I am confident that each of you has a fruitful legal career ahead and I look forward to watching your transformation from law students to lawyers," Professor Elizabeth Winston said on behalf of her and Professor Megan La Belle, both co-directors of the Law and Technology Institute.

Students were also recognized for receiving a Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) degree and completing specific M.L.S. concentrations.

Following the certificate ceremony, the graduates and their families celebrated with a reception in the Law School atrium.

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Securities Law Program Certificate Recipients

**Dean William Barr Jr., B.A.
Casey Elizabeth Hughes, B.A.
Marie-Christine Levi, B.A.
Christopher M. O'Brien, B.A.
Elizabeth Sara Ross, B.A.
Macauley B. Venora, B.A.
Michael Patrick Wallace, B.B.A.

Law and Public Policy Program Certificate Recipien

Corinne Frances Berbaum, B.S.
•David T. Brown, B.A.
Latena Michelle Hazard, B.A., M.S.
Erica Katherine McCrea, B.A.
John T. Mekjian, B.A.
Annie C. Starke, B.S.

Law and Technology Institute Certificate Recipients

Ari Maynadier Diacou, B.S.
Taliesin Ashleigh Gabriel, B.A.
Constance Elizabeth Ricketts, B.A.
Kelsie Nichols Rutherford, B.S.
Stephen Randolph Schumacher, B.A.
Amanda Ann Stirone, B.A.
Meagan Marie Sunn, B.S.

Comparative and International Law Institute Certificate Recipients

David James Byerley, B.A.
John Charles Gekas, B.S.
Raymond Daniel Magorien, B.A
Portia Richara Richards, B.A.
Megan Elizabeth Shuster, B.A.
•Ryne Joseph Sulier, B.A.

Master of Legal Studies

Krystal Delores Milam, B.A.
**Candis Joelle Miller, B.A.
Meredith C. Page, B.A.
*John Peter Schmidt, B.A.

*Degree conferred October 2017
**Degree conferred January 2018
•Degree will be conferred October 2018