December 05, 2017

The 1 millionth download from the institutional repository, Scholarship at CUA Law, is expected to occur sometime around January 1, 2018.

The repository was created in April 2014 for two purposes; to bring together under one roof the combined scholarship produced by the faculty and students of CUA Law, and to promote and provide open full text access to this scholarship to researchers throughout the world. At the time the repository went live, CUA Law Dean Daniel F. Attridge said "the rich legal scholarship that has traditionally been featured in our journals deserves to be seen by the widest audience possible, and in a convenient and readily-accessible format."

The repository currently contains a total of 5,016 works. Of these works, almost 1,000 are full-text articles authored by CUA Law faculty, which comprises almost all the scholarly articles published by current and retired faculty. Additionally, over 120 entries are descriptions for books authored by CUA Law faculty. A large part of the repository consists of the full archive and current volumes of the Catholic University Law Review, and the Catholic University Journal of Law and Technology, together with the archives for two journals which have ceased publication, CommLaw Conspectus and the Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy.

The most recent collection added to the repository has been the Events, Lectures and Conferences series, which went live this Fall. This collection contains descriptions, videos and promotional materials for past and present events held at CUA Law, including the Brendan Brown lectures, the Mirror of Justice lectures, and the symposia hosted by the journals. Almost 200 events have so far been added to the repository.

"The number of downloads has grown at a rate of 5-10% each year since the repository was started," said Steve Young, Reference Librarian.

Looking ahead, the repository is constantly growing with the addition of new events, newly published articles and books by our faculty, and the publication of new issues of the Law School's journals. Additionally, the Events, Lecture and Conferences series will be expanded in the new year to include Commencement speakers, and the repository will be exploring the possibility of including lectures presented by CUA Law faculty off-site.