November 16, 2017

CUA Law Clinical Associate Professor A.G. Harmon held a reading for his short story collection, Some Bore Gifts on November 15, 2017 at CUA Law. The event was hosted by the CUA Contemporary Catholic Writers. See below

Some Bore Gifts

A.G. Harmon's Some Bore Gifts is an eclectic collection of stories spanning the traditional to the satirical, with a kaleidoscope of viewpoints and characters that includes tree cutters, department store pianists, museum guides, physicians, florists, actresses, bank managers, junk salesmen, personal trainers, and English professors. Harmon's depiction of the disenfranchised and the socially poised are equally spellbinding, as are his vivid scenes of both the quotidian and the aberrant. This captivating book challenges and entertains from start to finish.

"A.G. Harmon is that rare thing, a writer who loves his characters without idolizing them. In prose that is alternately crystalline and gritty, he shows how a heart in hiding can be brought back to life through a chance encounter with another. Some Bore Gifts are stories that track the movement from despair to hope, loss to restitution, the seemingly random steps we take along the road of grace. Harmon's consummate storytelling makes us believe in, not only the resilience, but also the essential grandeur of the human spirit." -- Suzanne M. Wolfe, author of The Confessions of X