October 24, 2017

L to R: Jeffrey Jayson '90; Alan Reed '93; Professor David Lipton; Chris Concannon'94; The Honorable Dan Kiely '78; Christopher Liguori '94;
Emily Nalvern '12; Shawn Regan '96; Keith Pisani '94; Andrea Mango '98; Dan Roque '05; T.R. Lazo '94;
and Wes Althoff, Assistant General Counsel, SIFMA.

The CUA Law Securities Law Program, under the guidance of Director and Professor of Law David Lipton, once again held its yearly New York City luncheon reunion at the headquarters of CBOE BATS at the invitation of the exchange's CEO, Chris Concannon 94.

As usual, the talk was lively, many memories were reviewed, and Chris Concannon gave a brief discussion of the elements of the debate over "payment for order flow." The mood was warm. Professor Lipton said he was "extraordinarily proud of the accomplishments of the former students in attendance."

"If teaching is this rewarding," Lipton commented, "why bother striving to become a famous film maker?"