May 17, 2017

CUA Law Professor David Lipton was quoted in an article discussing skepticism over many of the current proposals in Congress for regulatory reform. See below.

Experts express skepticism over proposals for deregulation

Jim Hamilton's World of Securities Regulation
Date: 5/15/2017
By: John M. Jascob, J.D., LL.M.

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David Lipton, a law professor at The Catholic University of America, derided the Trump Administration's "one-in, two-out" proposal for regulatory reform, calling the scheme a "fantasy." Lipton observed that if Congress wants to enact more capital formation devices, such as it did with crowdfunding, then the result will actually be more regulation, not less. Lipton said that crowdfunding and other capital formation devices have resulted in a "breathtaking" complexity and depth of rulemaking. Lipton said that he is fairly sanguine, however, that the world will not change drastically in terms of basic securities regulation.
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