January 19, 2017

Students from The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law (CUA Law) traveled by bus to the Washington Hebrew Congregation where they joined CUA undergraduates and many local volunteers to participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Prior to boarding the buses, CUA Law students joined students, faculty, and staff from all other areas of The Catholic University of America to enjoy a light breakfast and conversation.

The day kicked off with an address by the founder of the Beacon House, Reverend Donald E. Robinson, who recounted his life at the time of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. After his speech, the groups were separated and sent to their various projects.

Throughout the day students made blankets, sorted clothes, cut vegetables for stew, prepared casseroles, and generally assisted in the kitchen. CUA Law students felt the strong sense of community and enjoyed the opportunity to give back in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.

Student reactions:

"For me, volunteering alongside CUA Law Professor Sandy Ogilvy, Dean Daniel F. Attridge, and my fellow students on this important day demonstrated our community's wholehearted commitment to serving others," Paul St. Clair, 1L said.

"Dr. King left a legacy that emphasized action just as much as words, and getting to go out and be involved in the larger D.C. community was a great opportunity to take a break from the books, gain a new perspective, and serve others," Evan Berlanti, 1L said.

"The decision to join in the Day of Service was an easy one for me. I think it is an important aspect of human life to be able to provide any assistance we can to those who need it. It was very heartening to see that there were people of all ages there and the willingness of people to give their time," Brittany McNurlin, 1L said.

"I found this to be an amazing experience. It was very interesting seeing so many people come together to help other members in the community. The one thing that truly amazed me is how well so many different people who did not know each other worked together," Elizabeth Ulan, 1L said.

"It was an honor to come together and work alongside people older and younger with different backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. Events like this is everything Dr. King stood for. Service and love for all mankind," Ahad Khilji, 1L said.