December 15, 2016
CUA Law Professor Lucia Silecchia contributed to the biographical entries on Charles Carroll, John Carroll, John Foster Dulles and Fulton Sheen as well as the legal entry on Clever v. Cherry Hill Township, and the historical entries on Parochial Schools, the Role of Catholic Colleges and Universities and the Baltimore Catechism in the Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States 5 Volumes. See Below

Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States
5 Volumes

From the founding fathers through the present, Christianity has exercised powerful influence in the United States-from its role in shaping politics and social institutions to its hand in inspiring art and culture. The Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States outlines the myriad roles Christianity has played and continues to play. This masterful five-volume reference work includes biographies of major figures in the Christian church in the United States, influential religious documents and Supreme Court decisions, and information on theology and theologians, denominations, faith-based organizations, immigration, art-from decorative arts and film to music and literature-evangelism and crusades, the significant role of women, racial issues, civil religion, and more.

The first volume opens with introductory essays that provide snapshots of Christianity in the U.S. from pre-colonial times to the present, as well as a statistical profile and a timeline of key dates and events. Entries are organized from A to Z. The final volume closes with essays exploring impressions of Christianity in the United States from other faiths and other parts of the world, as well as a select yet comprehensive bibliography. Appendices help readers locate entries by thematic section and author, and a comprehensive index further aids navigation.

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