November 15, 2016

To date, three of the clients served by CUA Law's Innocence Project Clinic & Clemency Project have had their sentences commuted. In August, President Barack Obama granted commutation of sentences to 111 federal prisoners. One of those was Timothy L. Tyler whose application for commutation was submitted to the president by the clinic. In 2015, clients Sherman Chester and Kevin McDonald were granted commutation.

The Clemency Project is part of a broader initiative, the CUA Law/Ehrlich Partnership on Clemency. In 2013, the Law School partnered with former Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., to work together to educate governors and their staffs across the country who want to engage more deeply with the issue of executive clemency and to support scholarship and public education regarding executive clemency at the state and federal levels.

On November 14, the CUA Law/Ehrlich Partnership organized a panel discussion "Your Voice, Your Future."Students, faculty, staff, and guests heard from The Honorable Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., CNN political contributor Van Jones, CUA Law Professor J.P. "Sandy" Ogilvy, and Amy Pofahl (granted Presidential Clemency in 2000). Mark Hyman of Behind the Headlines moderated the event.

The panel answered questions ranging across a broad spectrum of criminal justice issues including, recidivism statistics, problems of reentry for returning citizens, the impact of "three strikes" law, and the impact on minority hiring of "ban the box" legislation.

CUA Law students and guests had the opportunity to ask panelists questions. The panel will air on WJLA NewsChannel8 later this month. Further information will be promoted on CUA Law social media accounts.

To view the Town Hall click here.