October 24, 2016

On October 20th, students gathered in the Slowinski Court Room at the Columbus School of Law to attend a presentation entitled "Pursuing a Career in International Law," which explored the various avenues students can take if they are interested in obtaining a job in international law.

The event was hosted by CUA Law's Comparative and International Law Institute, and CUA Law Professor and Director of the Comparative and International Law Institute Geoffrey R. Watson introduced the speaker Wes Rist, Director of Education and Research at the American Society of International Law.

"I'm very pleased today to introduce Wes Rist. He is the go to guy in the American Society of International Law (ASIL) on the practical aspects of getting a job in international law," Watson said.

Rist spoke to the students about what ASIL can do to help them, and he discussed practical strategies students should consider taking to prepare and land a job in the field.

"ASIL has a dedicated part of its membership focus to helping students and young professionals enter into the practice of international law. We have an entire interest group, one of our subcommittees, that is focused on working with students and new professionals to help them get into the practice of law," Rist said.

Rist took questions from the audience after the presentation and continued the conversation with students while enjoying a reception in the Keelty Atrium.