July 22, 2016

Two members of the Securities Law Program Faculty - CUA Law Professor David Lipton, Director of the Program and Mike Ryan, CUA Law Adjunct Professor of the Program - convinced the SEC Historical Society to restart its annual writing competition. More than three hundred law professors will be invited to submit approved student papers to be reviewed by an independent SEC Historical Society panel. Up to two winning student authors will receive $5,000 awards and their papers will be placed in a dedicated section of the virtual museum administered by the Historical Society. The competition had been halted for the past two years.

Submitted papers may be on any topic in securities regulation and the competition is open to all law students. The paper must be original and not as yet published in any print or electronic format. Submissions will be made by the students to their school's participating professor by December 31, 2016. Interested students at the Law School are invited to contact Professor Ryan or Professor Lipton. The virtual museum and its archive is the preeminent source for trusted and verified information on the regulation of the capital markets from the 20th century to the present. Professor Lipton serves on the Board of Trustees of the Historical Society and the Vice-President of the Museum Committee. Professor Ryan serves as a member of the Museum Committee.