April 12, 2016

Nineteen CUA Law students were elected by their classmates to fill some key student organization positions for the 2016-17 academic year, which begins in August. The Student Bar Association (SBA), Evening Law Students Association (ELSA), and Council on Professional Conduct Board now have their leadership rosters set for next year. The elected candidates were announced on Friday, April 8, at the annual Columbus Award Night.

President- Lauren Stewart
Vice President of Academic Affairs- Adam Bereston
Vice President of Financial Affairs- Sonit Bhatt
Vice President of Student Affairs- Alex Cerussi
Communications Director- Samantha Bognar

3L Reps:
Jonathan Cannon
Chris Hurley
Monika Ledlova

2L Reps:
Kelby Carlson
Frank Russo
Marcos Holguin

President- Matt Higginson
Vice President- Kayla Stuart
Treasurer- Patrick Burke
Community Service Director- Constance Ricketts

Council on Professional Conduct
Sydney Bryan
Jose Espejo
Maggie O'Neill
Ilena Russo