Catholic Law graduates join a supportive community of alumni that consists of 13,000+ members world-wide. Our alumni hold positions of leadership and influence; they become successful lawyers, federal and state judges, professors, and entrepreneurs; and they work hard for the communities they serve.

Our alumni remain a part of the Catholic Law community and share a commitment to academic achievement and the pursuit of justice, mercy, and humble service. We hope our alumni will find ways to engage with the Law School for the benefit of our current students — serve as mentors, support our programs, and attend our events.

Connect with Fellow Alumni at Upcoming Law Events

The Catholic Law Alumni Association hosts events throughout the year and across the country. These events are excellent ways to network with fellow alumni, guest speakers, and faculty. Catholic Law alumni events also give alumni a chance to find out in person what’s going on at the Law School or simply give alumni an opportunity to connect with the students currently attending Catholic Law. We look forward to seeing you.

To view a list of upcoming events and to register, click here.

Meet 2019 Alumni Award Winner Jeffrey Moreland

Jeffrey Moreland, J.D. 1970, is one of the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award winners. Read his story or watch the video below.