Office of the Dean
Payne, Stephen C. 
Dean and Knights of Columbus Professor of Law
202-319-5139 (law school: 337)

Lane, Rachel
Executive Project Coordinator
202-319-5139 (law school: 337)

Office of Academic Affairs
La Belle, Megan
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Co-Director, Law and Technology Institute; and Professor of Law 
202-319-6615 (law school: 342D)

Crowley, Katherine
Associate Dean for Administration and Chief of Staff 
202-319-6792 (law school: 315)

Schept, Stuart
Senior Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registrar
202-319-5003 (law school: 343B)

Forest, Gemma
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Dean of Students for the Upper-Division
202-319-4969 (law school 314)

McDermott, Bryan
Assistant Dean for Academic & Bar Support
202-319-5996 (law school: 343C)

Malig, Doris
Academic Affairs Manager
202-319-5436 (law school: 342B)

Pucillo, Natalie
Academic Services Coordinator
202-319-6602 (law school: 342C)

Hawkins, Deborah
Administrative Assistant
202-319-6478 (law school: 343)

Butts, Shani
Assistant Dean for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Community Engagement
202-319-5151 (law school: 340C)

Newell Smith, Susan
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Dean of Students for First-Year Students
202-319-6149 (law school: 340B)

Schneider, Celina 
Assistant Director of Admissions
202-319-5151 (law school: 340)

Financial Aid
Glinski, Megan
Director of Financial Aid
202-319-5427 (law school: 340D)

Himel, Bart
Financial Aid Coordinator
202-319-5143 (law school: 340)

Career and Professional Development
Dietrich, Julie 
Assistant Dean for Career & Professional Development
202-319-6727 (law school: 163B)

Allston, Monica
Associate Director for Career and Professional Development
202-319-5133 (law school: 163C)

Lawrence, Rachel
Associate Director for Pro Bono and Public Interest Career Development
202-319-6239 (law school: 163F)

Fuentes, Odalys
Manager, Legal Recruitment
202-319-5599 (law school 163E)

Columbus Community Legal Services
Klein, Catherine
Professor of Law , Director, Columbus Community Legal Services
202-319-5679 (law school: 149)

Ross, Christopher
Managing Director
202-319-6783 (law school 152)

Brustin, Stacy
Director, Immigration Law & Policy Initiative
202-319-6785 (law school: 151)

Chevalier, Marissa
Office Manager
202-319-6781 (law school: 154)

Development & Alumni Relations
McGuinness, Mariah 
Advancement Coordinator
202-319-4636 (law school 339E)

Experiential Curriculum
McDermott, Bryan
Experiential Curriculum Director
202-319-5996 (law school: 343C)

Facilities Maintenance & Operations
Department of Public Safety

Facilities, Maintenance 
202-319-5121 [POWR]

Institutes & Special Programs
Dedoulis, Constantia
202-319-6081 (law school: 172)

Edinger, Elizabeth
Associate Professor of Information Services and Director of the Law Library
202-319-5228 (law school: 234D)

Brahler, Emily
Acquisitions/Cataloging Librarian
202-319-5547 (law school: 329A)

Brillantine, Frances M.
Head of Access and Information Services
202-319-4331 (law school: 224A)

Davidson, Len
Systems Librarian
202-319-6206 (law school: 235C)

Kreiling, Melissa
Reference Librarian
202-319-6252 (law school: 235B)

Lombardo, Dominick
Circulation / Government Documents Assistant
202-319-4180 (law school: 329)

Martinez, Kristina
Research & Information Management Librarian
202-319-6253 (law school: 235A)

Sobol, Dawn
Interlibrary Loan / Circulation Librarian
202-319-5156 (law school: 224C)

Young, Steve
Part-Time Reference Librarian
202-319-6250 (law school: 235D)

202-319-6254 (law school: 235D)

202-319-5156 (law school: 224)

202-319-6394 (law school: 235D)

202-319-5156 (law school: 235)

202-319-5547 (law school: 329)

202-319-5156 (law school: 235)

202-319-6284 (law school: 224)

Marketing & Communications
Ferraro, Joe
Director, Marketing & Communications
202-319-4694 (law school: 341C)

Romito, Gabriel
Marketing Copywriter/Editor
202-319-5438 (law school: 341B)

Washington, Al
Web Design & Content Manager
202-319-6291 (law school: 341)

Project on Constitutional Originalism and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition
White, Camden
Associate Director
202-319-5009 (law school 174)

Student Life & Special Events
McHale, Carol
Associate Director of Conferences & Events
202-319-6777 (law school: 314B)

Stack, Renee  
Events Coordinator
202-319-5735 (law school: 314A)

Student Organizations
To leave a message for student organizations, please call Student Life 202-319-6126

The Catholic University Journal of Law and Technology
(law school: 248)

Law Review
(law school: 247)

Moot Court Board
(law school: 202)

Student Bar Association
(law school: 108)

Student Organizations Room
(law school: 109)

Technology Services
Help Desk (Leahy Hall)

Faculty Services
Lewis, Walter
Mail/Copy Room Supervisor and Building Coordinator
202-319-6074 (law school: 404)

Buchan, Sevy
Administrative Assistant, Faculty Support
202-319-6726 (law school: 405)

Riddell, Rebecca
Administrative Assistant, Faculty Support
202-319-5147 (law school: 405)

Luce, David
Audio Visual Coordinator for Media Services
202-319-6294, 202-319-6254  (law school: 312)

Stack, Greg
Media Services Director
202-319-6254 (law school: 312A)

202-319-6074 (law school: 404)

Alicea, J. Joel
Co-Director, the Project on Constitutional Originalism and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and Associate Professor of Law
202-319-6195 (law school 420)

Breger, Marshall
Professor of Law
202-319-6754 (law school: 460)

Brustin, Stacy
Director, Immigration Law & Policy Initiative
202-319-6785 (law school: 151)

Colinvaux, Roger
Professor of Law
202-319-5146 (law school: 470)

DeGirolami, Marc
St. John Henry Newman Professor of Law and Co-Director, Center for Law and the Human Person
202-319-6732 (lawschool: 409)

Destro, Robert A.
Professor of Law
202-319-5202 (law school: 456)

Drinan, Cara
Professor of Law
202-319-5508 (law school: 421)

Duggin, Sarah H.
Director, Compliance, Investigations & Corporate Responsibility Program and Professor of Law
202-319-6073 (law school: 411)

Dyer, Jocelyn
Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor
202-319-6194 (law school: 148)

Edinger, Elizabeth
Associate Professor of Information Services and Director of the Law Library
202-319-5228 (law school: 234D)

Everhart, Lisa
Director, Lawyering Skills Program and Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
202-319-6088 (law school: 480B)

Fischer, Susanna
Associate Professor of Law - Director, International Human Rights Summer Law School Program, Rome, Italy - Director, Comparative and International Law Institute
202-319-5568 (law school: 474)

Harmon, A.G.
Associate Dean of Bench and Bar Programs, Clinical Professor of Law
202-319-5453 (law school: 480C)

Hartley, Roger C.
Professor of Law
202-319-5215 (law school: 476)

Jefferson, Regina
Professor of Law
202-319-5025 (law school: 466)

Kamin, William M. M.
Assistant Professor of Law
202-319-6738 (law school: 465)

Kelly, Kathryn
Professor of Law
202-319-5148 (law school: 417)

Klein, Catherine
Director, Columbus Community Legal Services and Professor of Law
202-319-5679 (law school: 149)

Kirk, Elizabeth
Director of the Center for Law & the Human Person, Research Associate, and Lecture
202-319-5352 (law school 463)

Graw Leary, Mary
Professor of Law
202-319-6612 (law school: 413)

Mascott, Jennifer
Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Institute for Separation of Powers Studies
202-319-5026 (lawschool: 478)

Miles, Veryl
Professor of Law
202-319-5625 (law school: 453)

Mortellaro, Stephen 
Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor
202-319-5441 (law school: 480A)

O’Brien, Raymond C. (Rev.)
Professor Emeritus
202-319-5883 (law school: 407)

Perez, Antonio F. 
Professor of Law
202-319-5820 (law school: 454)

Rienzi, Mark L. 
Co-Director, Center for Religious Liberty and Professor of Law
202-319-4970 (law school: 472)

Schooner, Heidi M.
Professor of Law
202-319-5672 (law school: 458)

Scordato, Marin
Professor of Law
202-319-6478 (law school: 464)

Silecchia, Lucia A.
Associate Dean of Faculty Research, Professor of Law
202-319-5560 (law school: 419)

Squitieri, Chad
Assistant Professor of Law
202-319-5557 (lawschool: 410)

Uddin, Asma
Research Associate
202-319-5452 (law school 480D)

Walsh, Kevin C.
Co-Director, the Project on Constitutional Originalism and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and Knights of Columbus Professor of Law and the Catholic Tradition
202-319-5026 (law school: 462)

Watson, Geoffrey
Professor Emeritus
202-319-5978 (law school: 477)

Winston, Elizabeth I.
Co-Director, Law and Technology Institute and Professor of Law
202-319-5158 (law school: 468)

Wortham, Leah
Professor Emerita - Director, International Business and Trade Summer Law Program, Kraków, Poland
202-319-5008 (law school: 412)

FAX Numbers

Career & Professional Development

Columbus Community Legal Services

Academic Affairs

Development & Alumni Affairs

Financial Aid

Lawyering Skills Program


Student Life & Special Events