There is no “you’re on your own” at the Columbus School of Law. Collegial and supportive classmates, a caring and committed faculty, and a city that offers unparalleled opportunities to make vital professional contacts combine to form a network that every law student can connect with. Connect with the extensive professional contacts and opportunities found only in Washington, D.C. No other city offers law students as many promising choices for externships and future career paths as the nation’s capital.

  • Connect with a faculty that is distinguished for its scholarship and its willingness to go the extra mile to help every student succeed.
  • Connect with a network of more than 10,000 alumni around the world, who are willing to mentor today’s students by offering career insight, advice and encouragement, and professional contacts for postgraduate employment.
  • Connect with law school resources and support staff that work tirelessly on behalf of each student to make the law school experience the best it can be.

Law school at Catholic University is a chance to forge new connections — with friends, professors, mentors, and employers — that will sustain you for a lifetime.