Columbus School of Law Media Services

Planning Media Events

The Media Services Department is happy to provide you support for classroom technology. All of the classrooms are equipped so that you can use Zoom or Panopto to record classes, including presentations (such as PowerPoint slides). 

Student Organization Meetings and Events

To schedule a room for a student organization meeting, please email Renee Rasmussen Stack

Important: No speaker can be invited until you have received an approval confirmation from the Office of Student Life and Special Events.

Classroom Recordings

Rules and procedure for A/V recording  

Classroom Computers

Use your CUA network credentials to login to the classroom computers.  Please note that we do not have access to your network credentials or other passwords. CUA network password reset information is below. Please be advised that all PCs have been upgraded over the summer and the first time you login it will take extra time.


Use your CUA network credentials to login to Zoom. See the Zoom box below for the CUA Zoom link and documentation.


Use your Westlaw/TWEN password to login to Panopto. See the TWEN box below for password reset information and TWEN help. See the Panopto box below for Panopto help and documentation.

Contact Greg Stack and David Luce for hands-on demonstrations.