The Northern Trust Company accepts electronic funds transfers and also contributions of appreciated stock, bonds, and mutual funds for The Catholic University of America.

Before initiating any of these transactions, please make sure to specify the donor name and notify both the Office of Treasury Services at and the Division of University Advancement at to ensure proper donor credit.

Electronic Funds Transfer

ACH or Wire

Bank: Northern Trust Bank
Account Name: Master Trust Wire Account
ABA #071-000-152
Account Number #5186061000
Swift Code: CNORUS44 {for International transfers}
For Further Credit (FFC) Acct #TR2630044
For Further Credit (FFC) Acct Name: CATH UNIV- CASH/GIFT ACCOUNT

Securities/Bonds/Mutual Funds

DTC Instructions for Stocks, Registered and Bearer Bonds

FFC Acct #2630044
DTC #2669

Physical issues 

Send via registered mail to the following address:

Attn: Trade Securities Processing
801 South Canal C1-N
Chicago, IL 60607

Mutual Fund Shares

Please note the re-registration process required when donating mutual fund shares can take up to 15 business days due to some dependence on external parties. If possible, please provide the following information to in order to start the process.

  • Mutual Fund Name
  • Cusip Number or Ticker Symbol
  • Number of Shares or Approximate Dollar Amount
  • Custodian Contact Name, Fund Company, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
  • Donor’s Name/ Donating Entity
  • If possible, the donor’s account number (at Fund Company/ RIA)

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

The Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) for The Catholic University of America is 53-0196583.