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Food or Catering Orders


Complete the Food Order Form and submit to the Office of Student Life and Special Events in Suite 341 

Food orders should be placed at least one week in advance

Food orders can range from pizza, cookies, and soda at student meetings to a display of hot or cold hors d'oeuvres for a larger style reception

For larger events, we suggest setting up a meeting to discuss menus, budget and logistical plans well in advance

If the food order is from an approved outside vendor (i.e. Pizza Boli’s or Lawson’s) please make arrangements to pick it up from the SLSE office fifteen minutes prior to the event/meeting


Food in Rooms

Food is not allowed in the Slowinski Courtroom.


At the conclusion of your event, please be sure to leave the space as you found it, as there may be a class meeting in that room immediately following your event.

Therefore, please...

Dispose of ALL trash

Place pizza boxes/plastic platters in a trash can outside of the classroom to eliminate food smells

Empty and throw away the ice bucket

Leave any unused drinks, plates, or cups on the cart

Return the black cart to Suite 341 (if we are open) or to the kitchen in the foyer of Rm 217

For catered receptions, please be sure to guard the food after it has been set up. Students who are not attending your event may begin eating the food before your event starts, in which case there may not be enough for your guests.


Average Catering Cost Estimates (All prices are subject to change)

BEVERAGES: Soda or Water (you will not be charged for any returned unused beverages)

$0.35 / can or ½ pint water bottle

PIZZA: Pizza Boli’s (plus an additional 15% gratuity)

$6.99 / large 1 topping

$14.99 / large veggie

SANDWICHES: Available from Aramark or Lawson’s (delivery charges of $10 - $20 may apply)

$7.00 - $13.00 / serving



Cheese and Crackers

Vegetable Crudité

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Tortilla Chips

Hummus with Pita Chips




$3.99 / serving

$3.99 / serving

$3.99 / serving

$3.99 / serving

$1.79 - 2.50 / serving


Serving Alcohol

Approval must be granted by the SLSE office in order to serve alcohol.  Due to University policy, a bartender must be present (approx. $180 for 4 hours). Kegs will only be approved for major events. Alcohol is only served during the week at high profile events with a good number of alumni in attendance.