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 Student Organization Resources

Budget Concerns

Food Orders

Once we receive an invoice from the caterer, we will automatically charge it to your student organization budget account.  A copy of the invoice will be given to your student organization treasurer. 



· Receipts: Using the Reimbursement Request Form you may request reimbursement only
for organization-related expenses such as office or bulletin board supplies* and for items related to
your service projects.  Prior approval from SLSE is required for reimbursement of restaurant charges.
All expenditures must be supported by an original receipt or invoice. Submit the completed Reimbursement Request Form and original receipt or invoice to SLSE and keep a copy for your student organization treasurer.  Please allow at least 3 weeks for a request to be processed and a check to be issued.


*If you plan to order supplies for your student organization through Staples, please let me know.  The University has a discounted rate on all products and free next day shipping with Staples.

·  Gift Cards: The University WILL NOT reimburse funds used to purchase Gift Cards.


·  Payments made with a personal check:  A copy of both sides of the canceled check or the original cancelled check is required for reimbursement.


·  Email Emily Sobieski at if you have any questions regarding reimbursements. 



Fundraising is encouraged and can be an excellent method of managing unforeseen expenses. Student groups that seek to raise money must be consistent with the university’s mission and are subject to approval by SLSE. You are not allowed to conduct raffles nor seek sponsorship from bars or organizations that do not support the mission of the university. To be approved, your organization must set up a meeting with Joan Vorrasi to discuss fundraising efforts.

In most cases in which goods are sold for fundraising purposes, the student organization is required to collect sales tax.  Please check with our office to determine the appropriate amount of tax to collect. 




Cashboxes are available in our office for use during fundraising activities.  Please be sure to keep a cash log to record incoming cash.  Make sure to have change for each activity.  Set prices that will enable you to give out change easily. The cashbox should be checked in and out of our office on a daily basis. If you need us to give you an advance “bank” of small bills or change, please let us know in advance.



Co-Sponsoring an Event

Student organizations are encouraged to find co-sponsors for an event which increases visibility, attendance and reduces costs. Please feel free to discuss this option with the SLSE staff. 

Gifts for Speakers

If you plan to give a gift to your guest speakers as an acknowledgment for their contribution to your event/program, the gift must be branded with the CUA or Law School name/logos. Contact SLSE for more information.