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Scholarships – Special Interests
Faculty and program directors, representing various concentrations, coordinate the awarding of specific scholarships. Eligible students are contacted directly by faculty members or a program director. Additionally, several competitive scholarships are offered on an annual basis, for which applicants will receive invitations to apply.
Below is a partial list of these scholarships:
O’Brien Scholarship for First Year Students
Essay-based; topic outlined with invitation.
Arthur John Keeffe Scholarship
Generous donors to Columbus School of Law, have made it possible for us to offer scholarships to students who demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to corporatons-related career. Application procesures are announced via email to students during the spring semeser for scholarships that are awarded for the following academic year.
Labor Law (Plato Papps Fellowship)
Awardees are continuing students, and are selected near the end of the
spring semester.
Law and Public Policy (Dulin Haynes Scholarship)
Awardees are graduating students, and are selected near the end of the final semester.
Securities Law (Securities Law Scholarship)
Two of approximately $3,000 are offered each year, to one 2L student and to one 3L
student in the Program who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement
during their previous year as well as commitment to the Program. To be eligible, the
students must be signed up for Program and must be taking the appropriate course
work to advance in the program.

Financial Aid Contact Information

David Schrock, Director
Bart Himel, Financial Aid Coordinator

Phone: (202) 319-5143
Fax:      (202) 319-4462

Office Hours:
Daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Appointments may be made after 5:00 pm by contacting the office. We will be happy to arrange a time suitable to you.

Mailing Address:

Columbus School of Law
Office of Financial Aid
The Catholic University of America
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Washington, DC 20064