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CUA Law FacultyLaw School Hosts Annual D.C. Legal History Roundtable
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CUA Law School

Law School Hosts Annual D.C. Legal History Roundtable

(April 13) Five CUA law professors (Cara Drinan, Sarah Duggin, Megan La Belle, Ken Pennington, and Geoff Watson) organized the annual "D.C. Legal History Roundtable," an informal gathering of legal historians from around the country. The event featured four presentations from academics representing University of Wisconsin Law School, Indiana University, The University of Florida Levin College of Law, and The Catholic University of America's Department of History. (Full story)

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Stacy Brustin

Professor Stacy Brustin

(June 15) Moderator, "Strengthening the Link between Child Support and Employment Assistance: Model Programs and the DC Landscape," on June 15. This event will bring together local and national experts to discuss enhancing employment assistance for parents in the D.C. child support system.
(Full story)

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Roger Colinvaux
Professor Roger Colinvaux

(May 21) Colinvaux was among five experts asked to share their views before the House Subcommittee on Oversight of the Committee on Ways and Means on whether the current regulatory scheme regarding tax exempt organizations still makes sense. (Full story)

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Clifford Fishman
Professor Clifford Fishman

(May 18) Awarded the first Urban A. Lester award for excellence in teaching by Dean Miles and his faculty colleagues. Professor Lester's widow, Julie Lester, attended the luncheon.

(March 12) Presenter, Street Law course at Washington's Archbishop Carroll High School, concerning search and seizure and interrogations.

"Electronic Privacy in the Government Workplace and City of Ontario, California v. Quon: The Supreme Court Brought Forth a Mouse," 81 Miss. Law J. 1359-1435 (2012). The article was commissioned by the National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law for the Mississippi Law Journal.

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Roger Colinvaux
Professor Donna Gregg

(April 19) Moderator, discussion on FCC reform and other current issues before the FCC 's Office of General Counsel at a luncheon meeting of the American Bar Association Section on Administrative Law's Communications Committee, which Gregg co-chairs.

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Regina Jefferson
Professor Regina Jefferson

(April 16) Organizer and moderator, "Retirement Readiness: Are Today's Retirement Plans Prepared for Tomorrow's Retirees?" National Press Club, Washington, D.C. (Full story)

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Catherine Klein
Professor Catherine Klein

(July 10-13) Keynote speaker, 10th International Clinical Legal Education Conference, Durham, UK.

(May 27-28) Speaker/organizer, Colloquium on Clinical Legal Education in the Mideast, Amman, Jordan.

(May 14-15) Speaker, "Mixed Legal Systems, East and West: Newest Trends and Developments," Valletta, Malta.

(May 2) Presenter, American Association of Law Schools Clinical Conference, "Teaching Students to Manage Stress Effectively and Minimize Vicarious Trauma," Los Angeles, CA.

"Teaching Social Justice Lawyering: Systematically Including Community Legal Education In Law School Clinics," (with Margaret Martin Barry, Lisa V. Martin, A. Rachel Camp, and Margaret E. Johnson) 18 Clinical L. Rev. 401 (2012)

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Mary Leary
Professor Megan La Belle

(July 29-Aug. 4) Panelist, "Pedagogical Challenges and Choices in Civil Procedure." Southeastern Association of Law Schools annual meeting.

(May 9) Co-presenter, with Professor Elizabeth Winston, "Post-Grant Review Under the America Invents Act," Patent and Trademark Office Society, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Professor La Belle's paper, "Patent Law as Public Law" was selected for presentation at the 5th Annual Junior Scholars in Intellectual Property Workshop at Michigan State University College of Law on May 30-31, 2012. The paper will be published later in 2012 in the George Mason Law Review.

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Mary Leary
Professor Mary Leary

(July) Awarded, a grant from the Microsoft Research and the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit that will help to fund a new study, titled "The Role of Technology in Human Trafficking." (Full story)

(May 15-16) Presenter, "Roaming Criminals and Vanishing Secrets: Mobile Devices in Investigations and Prosecution," University of Mississippi School of Law.

(April 30-May 2) Workshop Presenter, "Cyber Components of Human Trafficking Cases," and "Search and Seizure of the Mobile Devices of Juveniles," 2012 National Cyber Crime Conference, Norwood, Mass.

Leary's paper, "The Missed Opportunity of United States v. Jones—Commercial Erosion of Fourth Amendment Protection in a Post-Google Earth World" was listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for Criminal Procedure. As of May 4, it had been downloaded 45 times.

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David Lipton
Professor David Lipton

(Fall 2012) Professor Lipton has announced the initiation of the Securities Law Program Scholarship for 2L and 3L students beginning next semester.

(May 5-9) Lecturer, three lectures at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, delivered at the invitation of both the Securities Institute and the International Law Institute at the University of Lisbon:
"How the Body of Securities Law is Created"
"Disclosure Requirements after Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank,"
"Technological and Regulatory Changes that Have Created the New American Securities Market" (Full story)

(March 26) Moderator, "High Frequency Trading: What is it? Why is it Problematic? What Should be Done About It?"

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Suzette Malveaux
Professor Suzette Malveaux

(April 13) Panelist, Oregon Law Review's symposium "Miller's Courts: Media, Rules, Policy, and the Future of Access to Justice," held in Portland in honor of nationally-recognized civil procedure expert Professor Arthur Miller. (Full story)

(March 29-April 1) Keynote address, Southeast/Southwest People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference at Samford University's Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Ala. The three-day conference drew minority law professors from all over the country to discuss the theme, "Transformative Advocacy, Scholarship, and Praxis: Taking Our Pulse." (Full story)

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Lisa Martin
Professor Lisa Martin

(2012) Member, D.C. Bar Family Law Section Steering Committee (former co-chair). The Family Law Section will be awarded "Best Section" by the D.C. Bar at the June 19 D.C. Bar Leadership Event.

"What's Love Got to Do with It: Securing Access to Justice for Teens," 61 Cath. U. L. Rev. 457 (2012).

"Securing Civil Protection Orders for Teens When Laws Ignore Teens," 45 Clearinghouse Rev. 464 (2012).

"Teaching Social Justice Lawyering: Systematically Including Community Legal Education in Law School Clinics," 18 Clinical L. Rev. 401 (2012)(with Margaret Martin Barry, A. Rachel Camp, Margaret E. Johnson, and Catherine F. Klein).

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Dean Veryl Miles
Dean Veryl V. Miles

(May 13) Commencement speaker, Mount St. Mary's University Class of 2012 graduation honoring 371 undergraduates and 133 graduate students, Emmitsburg, Md. The dean's theme: 'Your mission will never be impossible.' (Full story)

(March 29-30) Keynote speaker, "Women of Color and the Law: Gaining Access, Achieving Success," a two-day, interactive conference addressing challenges faced by women of color in the legal profession. The event was presented by American University Washington College of Law's Office of Diversity Services. (Full story)

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Kenneth Pennington
Professor Michael F. Noone Jr.

(June) Panelist, discussing a new ABA publication, The Law of Counterterrorism, at The Reserve Officer Association headquarters in Washington.

(May 1) Organizer and chair, two panel discussions on legal interoperability in Peacekeeping Operations at the triennial Congress of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War, Quebec, Canada.

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Raymond O'Brien
Rev. Raymond O'Brien

(June) Instructor, Wills and Trusts, BARBRI, Ga.

(January and May) Instructor, Wills and Trusts, BARBRI, Va.

3rd edition, Family Law in Perspective (Foundation Press) with Walter Wadlington.

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J. P. "Sandy" Ogilvy
Professor J. P. "Sandy" Ogilvy

(June 20-21) Presenter, "History and Current Trends in Clinical Legal Education," at the AALS Workshop for New Law School Clinical Teachers, held in Washington, D.C. The workshop offers new law faculty an introduction to clinical teaching, and to the challenges of balancing the various roles that clinical teachers are expected to perform.

(June 1-3) Co-organizer, "Haiti: One Table Many Partners," a conference that drew more than 300 participants, representing dioceses and parishes throughout the United States, partnership organizations, Catholic institutions, and representatives from Haitian dioceses and parishes. Presentations and workshops examined best practices; from partnerships in Haiti that yield self-sufficiency, to efforts in advocating for human rights and social justice, to relationships that embody and embrace cultural diversity. (Full story)

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Raymond O'Brien
Professor Shelby Quast

(Upcoming) Invited, to contribute to the While House discussion on implementing the new USAID policy on Gender Equality and Female Empowerment.

(May 15) Informal adviser, to the National Coordinator for Human Trafficking to help inform US anti-trafficking policies, Stockholm, Sweden.

(May 3) Moderator, Afternoon Plenary: "Targeting Demand – Current and Emerging Criminal Justice Policies and Practices" as part of "Arresting Demand: A National Colloquium," Boston, Mass.

Co-organizer, “Navigating a New Era: An Experts' Dialogue on International Labor Standards and the U.S. Judiciary.”

(March 5) Keynote address, the University of Michigan International Law Series, "Protecting the Rights of Girls: A Global Strategy."

(Spring semester, 2012) Student white papers on South Sudan resulting from Professor Quast's course, "International Development: Creating Law and Policy and Policy," were delivered, at her request, to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, as background for her trip to South Sudan.

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Mark Rienzi
Professor Mark Rienzi

(May 21) Organizer, "Religious Liberty in 2012: Still the First Freedom?" Rienzi assembled a five-expert panel at the National Press Club which discussed whether the nation's first and foremost freedom is under threat today from government regulations. (Full story)

(March) Lecturer, "The Constitutional Right not to Kill: Conscience Rights and the HHS Mandate" at Harvard Law School. Rienzi reviewed the law's historical protections provided to people who do not want to kill in a variety of circumstances: including the military draft, capital punishment, abortion, assisted suicide, and self-defense, and argued that these historical protections actually qualify the right not to kill for constitutional protection under substantive due process.

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Lucia Silecchia

Professor Lucia Silecchia

(May 2-4) Panelist, "The Place of Religion in the Law School, the University and the Practice of Law," hosted by Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, Islip, NY.

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Karla Simon

Professor Karla Simon

(April 26-27) Presenter, "Conference on Modes of Activism and Engagement in the Chinese Public Sphere," organized by the Asia Research Institute and held at National University of Singapore. Professor Simon's paper, titled "CSOs Pursuing a Reform Agenda in China," examined ways in which civil society organizations engage with the Chinese party-state to accomplish rights-based reform agendas. (Full story)

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George Smith

Professor George P. Smith

(Summer 2012) Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge University, UK.

Presenter, "Global Health Law: Aspirational, Paradoxical, or Oxymoronic?" Colloquium on Global Health, University College, London.

Visiting Fellow, Indiana University's Center for Law, Society and Culture.

(March) Lecture, "Strategizing the End-Game: Palliative Medicine and The Law," before the Oxford University Law Faculty, UK; "Seeking an Easeful Death: Emanations within a Penumbra," The Rothermere American Institute at Oxford University, UK.

"Law and Bioethics: Intersections along the Mortal Coil," Routledge, Oxford, England (April 2012).

"Reconceptualizing the Law of Nuisance, through a Theory of Economic Captivity," 75 Albany Law Review 57 (with Matthew Saunig, Class of 2011) (2011).

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In the news

In the Media

From the constitutionality of the Patient Affordable Care Act to free speech to what high school students should be taught, Catholic University's law faculty is widely quoted in the media.
(Full story)

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