CUA Law 2018 Year in Review

CUA Law 2018 Year in Review: Alumni

In 2018, our nearly 12,700 alumni were recognized collectively and individually as among the top legal practitioners in America. They have put their CUA Law degree to work in many ways - - as assistant secretaries, general counsels, state attorneys, offering much needed pro bono services, and as experts who are leading scholars in cyber security law. CUA Law alumni were honored for their sexual assault advocacy work and criminal justice work. CUA Law alumni make their mark early, share their insights, and credit their education as a major reason for their success. They have remained loyal and supportive of the Law School and demonstrated their appreciation by their strong support of today’s students.

CUA Law 2018 Year in Review: Students

CUA Law’s students were involved in active discussions regarding pressing immigration policy and were on the frontlines helping support those in need. Students continued to provide much needed services to the area and through our pro bono program students provided volunteer services to the community. CUA Law students were featured in magazines, organized mock trials for local children, and attended trial competitions. Students won writing competitions, were inducted into U.S. Navy Jag Corps, presented scholarship, were quoted in articles, and won fellowships. The Law School celebrated another graduating class and welcomed a new one. Students networked, raised money, hosted alumni, made strides against breast cancer, and organized memorable events.

CUA Law 2018 Year in Review: CUA Law in Washington, DC

The Law School’s ideal location in the nation’s capital was once again leveraged to full advantage in 2018.  Where else can a law student see and learn in person from so many expert insiders about the major issues of our time? Students were able to attend a conversation with Irish Ambassador Daniel Mulhall, attend a special lecture by The Honorable Samuel Alito, visit the United States Supreme Court, hear from The Honorable Noel J. Francisco, and listen to a lecture from Mark Shriver. The Law School hosted a Religious Liberty Symposium, a Moot Court competition, a Law Review symposium on the FISA & the 4th Amendment, a Law and Technology symposium on the Repeal of The Open Internet Order of 2015, and its Fourth Annual Family & Friends Day.  Along the way the Law School received accolades, held networking events, luncheons, and annual lecture series.

CUA Law 2018 Year in Review: Faculty

The Law School’s faculty remained at the forefront of legal education during the academic year, distinguishing themselves in remarkable ways as both hands-on practitioners and top scholars. Professor Mary Leary presented her scholarship and was called upon numerous times for her expertise regarding sex trafficking. Professor Mark Rienzi spoke at the Inaugural Lecture for the Center for Religious Liberty, was called on various times regarding religious liberty issues, and spoke at the Federalist Society National Convention. Professor Cara Drinan continued to make great strides in the area of criminal justice reform scholarship and action. Professor Roger Hartley was quoted in the Washington Post. Professor Lucia Silecchia published her scholarship Conflicts and Laudato Si' and spoke at the Environmental Justice in the 21st Century event. Professor Roger Colinvaux was sought after numerous times for his tax policy expertise. Clinical Assistant Professor Frederick E. Woods delivered the 2018 Mirror of Justice Lecture. Professor Megan La Belle presented her paper at the Constitutional Law Conference.

Professor Veryl Miles spoke on the Diversity and Inclusion Inside and Outside the Classroom panel at the 2018 AALS Workshop for New Law School Teachers. Professor Antonio Perez presented at the Conference on Private International Law at the Catholic University of Colombia. Rev. Raymond C. O’Brien continued his scholarship in the field of family law. Elizabeth Winston’s article was cited in a Federal Circuit decision. Professor Emeritus George Smith received The Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award from the Editorial Board of Who's Who in America. Dean Regina Jefferson published her scholarship and presented at CUA Research Day. Professor Marshall Breger shared his expertise on politics and religion.


CUA Law 2018 Year in Review: Social Media

Stories on the LawSchool's social media channel that gained the largest reach included: the continued success of the Securities Law Program; the Tim Tyler Thank You tour; CUA Law's building being ranked in the top 20;
the new Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Clinic; the Women's Law Caucus SCOTUS visit; and the announcement of Regina Jefferson being named CUA Law's interim Dean.

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