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Required and Recommended Course Materials

Spring 2018

Note: This page is made available to the Law School faculty to post for students the required and recommended texts and other materials for the courses they will teach in the Spring 2018 semester. The information for each course is what has been received from the faculty member, verbatim. Any questions about the offered information should be addressed directly to the relevant faculty member. Faculty members have been asked to also provide this same information to the University bookstore.

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201 4795 Administrative Law La Belle Hickman and Pierce, Federal Administrative Law (2nd ed.)
669 4799 Advanced Criminal Procedure: Anatomy of a Homicide Zachem binder prepared by the copy office that will be available for sale at the outset of the semester
519 4855 Agency and Partnership Hitchens Agency, Partnership, and the LLC: the Law of Unincorporated Business Enterprises: Cases Materials, Problems 9th edition abridged Authors: Hynes & Loewenstein; ISBN 13: 978-1-63284-794-2
401 4810 Appellate Advocacy Fair no assigned textbook
746 4818 Applied Legal Studies Scordato, et. al A number of handouts will be distributed by each instructor throughout the semester. Each instructor may chose to distribute their handouts in a slightly different way, and each will inform the class of their preferred method at the appropriate time. These handouts will constitute the required texts for the course.
927A 4792 Becoming a Lawyer, Sec 1 Jordan/Jordan  
927A 4849 Becoming a Lawyer, Sec 2 Singer  
685 7643 Catholic Social Teaching and the Law Silecchia

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church | Edition: 3 Author: Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace ISBN: 9781574556926 Publication Date: 01/28/2005 Publisher: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Essential Catholic Social Thought 2nd edition Author: Bernard V. Brady ISBN: 9781608337095 Publisher: Orbis

CATHOLIC SOCIAL THOUGHT | Edition: 3RD 16 Author: OBRIEN ISBN: 9781626981997 Publisher: ORBIS BK

168 4834 Civil Procedure La Belle No new books
107B 4835 Civil Procedure, Sec. A Kelly No new books
107B 4836 Civil Procedure, Sec. B Ogilvy No new books
648 4861 Civil Rights Law Malveaux

Cases and Materials on Civil Rights and Constitutional Litigation | Edition: 5 Author: Charles F. Abernathy ISBN: 9780314267870 Publication Date: 10/21/2011 Publisher: West Academic Publishing

466 4874 Commercial Transactions Miles  
Communications Law Practicum Harold/Tramont No new books
672 4862 Comparative & International Trade Ludwikowski  
405C 7811 Conducting Internal Investigations Duggin/Giunta We will use materials available online as listed in the syllabus.
471 4858 Conflict of Laws Perez Conflicts of Law Author: Little ISBN: 9780735599178 Publication Date: 02/28/2013 Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (advise students to buy hard copy for Conflicts because they will need the book for their open-book final exam in this course)
114 4801 Constitutional Law I Rienzi Paulsen, Calabresi, McConnell, Bray and Baude's The Constitution of the United States, 3d
272 4819 Constitutional Law II Duggin Constitutional Law: A Context and Practice Casebook by David S. Schwartz and Lori A. Ringhand (Carolina Academic Press, 2013) and the 2016 supplement available free online (The URL is available in the syllabus or just click here ).
120 4797 Contracts Schooner No new books
180 4764 Contracts Winston No new books
664 4866 Criminal Procedure II: Post-Investigative Process Zachem


CRIMINAL PROCEDURE-17 SUPPLEMENT | Edition: 17 Author: DRESSLER ISBN: 9781683287865

423 4787 Criminal Procedure: The Investigative Process Leary  
846 7645 Entertainment Law Fischer  
759 4837 ERISA: Labor Management Perspective Leary, J.   
717 7642 ERISA: Pensions (Tax Policy) Jefferson  
762 7646 Estate Planning Harrison  
283 4809 Evidence Fishman

1. Cases and materials on evidence--photocopied materials on sale in the copy room on the 4th floor -- spring, 2018 edition (not any earlier edition). No ISBN number..

2. West 1-volume soft-covered book, Federal Rules of Evidence, 2017-2018 Edition, ISBN # 978-1-68328-759-5. It's OK to buy an earlier edition, but not earlier than 2015-2016.

3. A Student's Guide to Hearsay, Revised 4th Edition (2011), Lexis/Nexis, ISBN # 978-0-7698-4696-5. Do not by an earlier edition.

622 7659 Fair Employment Law Malveaux EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION LAW,CS.+MTRLS | Edition: 9TH 16 Author: ONTIVEROS ISBN: 9781634597470 Publisher: WEST ACAD
704 4766 Family Law O'Brien

Wadlington, O'Brien & Wilson, DOMESTIC RELATIONS: CASES AND MATERIALS (Foundation Press, 8th ed. 2017) ISBN: 978-1-63460-885-5

Wadlington, O'Brien & Wilson, DOMESTIC RELATIONS: 2017 STATUTORY AND DOCUMENTARY SUPPLEMENT (Foundation Press, 2017) ISBN: 978-1-62810-200-0

763 7291 Family Law Lewis

Domestic Relations: Cases and Materials (8th ed. 2017), authored by Wadlington, O’Brien & Wilson, ISBN: 9781634608855 (required)

Domestic Relations: Selected Uniform Laws, Model Legislation, Federal Statues, State Statutes, and International Treaties (8th ed. 2017), authored by Wadlington, O’Brien & Wilson, ISBN: 97816281020000

229 4856 Federal Income Taxation Colinvaux Bankman, Shaviro, Stark, Kleinbard, Federal Income Taxation, 17th ed., ISBN 9789-1-4548-7102-6 (Wolters Kluwer); and Bank & Stark, Selected Sections: Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations, 2017-2018 edition, ISBN 978-1-68328-621-9 (Foundation Press).
686 7658 Government Contracts Flesch  
794 7641 Health Law Smith, G. LAWRENCE O. GOSTIN & LINDSAY F. WILEY, PUBLIC HEALTH LAW; POWER, DUTY, RESTRAINT, 3rd Edition, 2016 ISBN: 978-0-520-28265-0 (paper) 978-0-520-9585-6 (electronic)
419 4867 Human Trafficking Seminar Leary, M.   
650A 4831 Immigration Law: Employment, Family and Naturalization Mooers  
426A 7644 Information Privacy Savage Daniel J. Solove & Paul M. Schwartz, Information Privacy Law, 6th Edition (2017), Wolters Kluwer
776 4811 Intellectual Property Capstone Bain  
607A 7294 International Criminal Law Watson Luban & Stewart, International and Transnational Criminal Law, 2d ed. 2014 (Aspen/Kluwer), ISBN 9781454828341
410 7654 International Human Rights Watson Hannum et al., International Human Rights, 6th ed. 2017 (Aspen/Kluwer) ISBN 9781454876663
788 4793 Interviewing, Counseling & Negotiating Skills McMullen

Stefan F. Krieger & Richard K. Neumann, Jr., Essential Lawyering Skills: Interviewing, Counseling, Negotiation, and Persuasive Fact Analysis (“ICN”), (4th ed. Aspen 2011).

Roger Fisher, William Ury, & Bruce Patton, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In (“GTY”), (3rd ed. Penguin Books 2011).

585C 4812 Labor and Employment Litigation Capstone Higgins/Woodward   
721 4868 Law of the European Union Ludwikowski  
102 4757 Lawyering Skills II, Sec. A Everhart No new books
102 4758 Lawyering Skills II, Sec. B Harmon No new books
102 4759 Lawyering Skills II, Sec. C Woods No new books
102 4760 Lawyering Skills II, Sec. D Lewis No new books
162 4762 Lawyering Skills II, Sec. N-1 Everhart No new books
162 4763 Lawyering Skills II, Sec. N-2 Harmon No new books
769 7179 Legal Analysis for the Bar Examination - Essay Questions McDermott no assigned textbook
535 4842 Legal Drafting Seminar - General Drafting Danzig Writing for Law Practice: Advanced Legal Writing | Edition: 3 Author: Elizabeth Fajans, Mary Falk, Helene Shapo ISBN: 9781609304447 Publication Date: 02/13/2015 Publisher: West Academic Publishing
587 4833 Legislation: The Making of a Federal Statute Colinvaux Eskridge, Frickey, and Garrett's Cases and Materials on Statutory Interpretation, ISBN 9780314278180 (West); and Sinclair, Unorthodox Lawmaking (5th Ed) ISBN 9781506322834 (CQ Press).
797 7651 Local Government Law Higgins  
769A 7292/7293 Multistate Performance Test Preparation Woods  
393A 7653 Negotiations: Theory and Practice Perez Negotiation: Theory and Strategy, Third Edition Author: Russell Korobkin ISBN: 9781454839262 Publication Date: 03/07/2014 Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
678 7640 Patent Law Winston Adelman, Rader, Thomas & Wegner, Cases and Materials on Patent Law, 4th Edition
422 4794 Professional Responsibility Everhart



461 4788 Professional Responsibility Destro  
132 4786 Property, Sec. A Fischer

(1) Christine Klein, Property: Cases, Problems and Skills (Wolters Kluwer 2016) ISBN 9781458668033

(2) LInda Edwards, Estates in Land and Future Interests (5th ed. Wolters Kluwer 2017), ISBN 9781454886389

For various options for acquiring the Klein book including digital only and rental, see the Wolters Kluwer website at:   

132 4761 Property, Sec. B Silecchia Property Law Author: D. Benjamin Barros, Anna P. Hemingway ISBN: 9781454837633 Publication: 2015 Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law and Business
611 7648 Public International Law Watson

REQUIRED: Damrosch & Murphy, International Law, 6th ed., 2014 (West) ISBN 9780314286437.

RECOMMENDED: Damrosch, Basic Doc Supp., 6th ed., 2014 (West) ISBN 9780314286451.

576 4765 Public Policy Practicum Netram/Moffett No new books
321 7290 Remedies Destro  
410C 7707 Rule of Law Reform Walsh  
568 4857 Sales and Leases Miles  
534B 4802 Securities Regulation: Civil Litigation Borden  
531C 4844 Securities Regulation: Compliance Lanza  
540 4796 Securities Regulation: Enforcement Proc & Issues Brenner  
665 7738 Space Law Montgomery The Laws of Spaceflight, A Guidebook for New Space Lawyers by Matthew J. Kleiman, Jenifer K. Lamie, and Maria-Vittoria Carminati. It is published by the American Bar Association, 2012. The ISBN is 978-1-61438-598-1.
817 4798 Starting and Managing a Solo Law Practice Clark/Nichols  
722A 7660 Taxation of Partnerships and Other Business Entities Jefferson  
197B 4800 Torts Kelly No new books
599 4845 Trial Practice: Advanced Mervis/Sharifi  
445 7295 Trial Skills: A Criminal Case Barger

1. Trial Techniques and Trials, Mauet (Wolters Kluwer ) (hereinafter “Mauet”) (9th or 8th Ed. or so) ((earlier editions generally work) ISBN 9781454822332

2. Materials in Trial Advocacy, Mauet and Wolfson (Wolters Kluwer,) (hereinafter “problems”) (earlier editions generally work) ISBN 9781454852032

455 4789 Trusts & Estates O'Brien O'Brien & Flannery, DECEDENTS' ESTATES (Carolina Academic Press, 3d ed. 2016) ISBN: 978-1-61163-865-3
753A 7807 Virginia Law Survey Flinn instructor-written materials - available at copy center
800 4820 Wealth Management Griffin The Prudent Investing of Trusts Cases and Materials Author: Raymond C. O'Brien, Michael T. Flannery ISBN: 9781594606588
506 4814 White Collar & Business Crimes Berthiaume Casebook: J Kelly Strader, White Collar Crime, Cases, Material, and Problems, 3d Ed.