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Why Choose the LL.M. Program?

There Are Many Good Programs for Lawyers. Why Choose This Program?


  • Many senior lawyers who might be your employers in international law firms or corporations hold LL.M. degrees from American universities.
  • In an increasingly global world, knowledge of foreign law is important for every lawyer. Many clients or lawyers from other firms will expect you to be able to work in the common frame of reference of American law and American legal English. 
  • American business regulations have major impact on the law of European countries.
  • American legal English is useful in working in European institutions or with European law.
  • A sojourn in Washington affords unique opportunities to establish professional contacts.
  • LL.M. students come to the U.S. on J-1 visas. The required academic training in the U.S. lasts about two months. American immigration law permits the holder of a J-1 visa to spend equivalent time in the U.S. for paid or unpaid practical training.
  • The program's structure of six weeks of intensive coursework in Krakow in one summer, attendance for about ten weeks of courses during October through May in Krakow, and a full-time summer program for seven weeks in Washington has allowed many lawyers living in Poland and neighboring countries like Germany to complete the program while continuing to work.  Some employers have been willing to pay all or part of a student's costs, and in some countries, the employer can deduct this as a business expense.
  • Students coming to Krakow to complete the program can combine their law study with Polish language study as well as other academic programs offered by Jagiellonian University.
  • In addition to the advantages offered for working professionals and students new to Poland, Polish law students may be able to combine the program with the final year of their magister study and receive the LL.M. shortly after receipt of the magister degree.
  • In the course of the academic year, American professors from CUA come to Krakow to teach a six-week summer program and one or two week intensive courses during the academic year. This significantly lowers the cost of student participation.  If students have no extra living costs for the time in Krakow, the total program cost is about 25% of most U.S. LL.M. programs, and living costs for time in residency in Krakow are much lower than living expenses in the United States. 
  • Jagiellonian University, the top-ranked law school in Poland, also operates Schools of German, French, Austrian and Ukrainian law, thereby allowing students and foreign lecturers of all programs to meet and establish contacts.