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Your Financial Aid Package

(Apply for Aid -- step 3 for continuing students

who did not borrow a federal loan during the prior year)

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Eligibility for federal student aid (loans) requires completing a FAFSA.  See the FAFSA page for more details.  Beginning in mid-April and regularly thereafter, we will provide an Aid Package (aka "Award Letter") to each student who has completed a FAFSA.  The Aid Package is viewable via Cardinal Station and detaile eligibility for federal student loans. If you received a Faculty Merit Scholarship as a first-year student, and have remained in good academic standing, a scholarship for subsequent years will be added to your Aid Package by the end of June,  Subject to available funds, students who finish in the top 25% of their respective class, but did not receive a Faculty Merit Scholarship as a first-year student, will be considered for scholarships, as well.
You are required to inform the Financial Aid Office if you hve been offered a scholarship by another organization so that this information may be included as part of your Financial Aid Package.
Aid Packages include:
1. Direct Unsubsidized Loan eligibility (typically $20,500).
2. Direct PLUS Loan for Graduate Students eligibility.  The Financial Aid Office determines the eligibility amount of this loan based on actual charges for tuition and fees plus a standard living-expense allowance, minus any other aid the student may be receiving.
3. Scholarships as noted in the first paragraph.
4. Other scholarships.  Please notify the Financial Aid Office of any scholarships you will be receiving other than those that are offered by CUA.
After you review your Aid Package, and have determined the loan amount you wish to borrow, you will then have the opportunity to  Accept/Adjust/Decline your financial aid awards by utilizing the online Financial Aid Award Letter (aka Package) in Cardinal Station. More details about how to accept financial aid are contained on the "Accept Financial Aid" page which is part of this sequence of pages.
Loan eligibility amounts represent your potential eligibility, and not the guarantee that you will receive this loan.  Students rarely do not receive the full Direct Unsubsidized Loan.  The PLUS Loan, does require a basic credit review for significant problems.  Credit denials are rare, and there are options for appeal or using an endorser (co-signer), if needed.
For applicants who have completed a FAFSA, the total amount of aid is the same for all students in the Full-Time (Day) program. The total amount of aid for students in the Part-Time (Evening) Program "floats" with the number of credit hours to reflect diffenence is charges for tuition.
Besides differences in tuition charges, the other "variable" with respect to the amount of PLUS Loan eligibility is scholarship amount.  For example:
Student A
$         0     Scholarships
$20,400     Direct Unsubsidized Loan
$50,000     Direct PLUS Loan

 Student B

$10,000     Scholarships
$20,400     Direct Unsubsidized Loan
$40,000     Direct PLUS Loan