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Accept Financial Aid

(Apply for Aid -- step 6 for continuing students

who did not borrow a federal loan in the prior year)

"Apply for Aid" steps are detailed
in a sequences of pages such as this one.



To view the full sequence of steps, return to the Home Page and
select the link appropriate to you under the heading “Apply for Aid.”
The Checklist you will see corresponds to this sequence of pages.


To accept aid, log into your Cardinal Station account and follow these steps:
♦ Student Self Service
♦ Finances
♦ Accept My Financial Aid
♦ Select the aid you wish to accept
♦ Accept – this will allow you to enter a lower amount if desired
♦ Submit – this will transmit the desired amount to your financial aid records
This is an important step. When you “accept” aid, that action triggers the beginning of the various processes that will disburse those funds to your CUA student account.
The aid that is offered will remain available to you to accept at a time of your choosing. Aid is disbursed at the start of each semester.
1. Scholarships are accepted at any point in time, and
2. Loan amounts are determined and accepted by early July.
Accepting a scholarship amount does not preclude the possibility of the scholarship amount increasing. It simply means that you desire to receive the scholarship that is offered to you.  The amount you accept will be divided equally between fall and spring semesters.
When determining the appropriate amount, there are several important points to remember:
1. The amount of loan you accept can be changed at a later date, if desired.
2. Subsequent changes to loan amounts must be made by a staff member of the Financial Aid Office. Request forms are available on this website under Forms.
3. The amount of loan you accept will be divided equally between fall and spring semesters.
4. Loan amounts for summer school are available, but are not “offered” until mid-spring semester.
5. For Direct Unsubsidized Loans, there is a fee of approximately 1% that is withheld by the
Department of Education from each loan disbursement.
6. For PLUS Loans, there is a fee of approximately 4% that is withheld by the Department of Education from each loan disbursement
7. A minimum enrollment of six credit hours for a regular semester and three credit hours for a summer term is required for eligibility.  Registration must be active for most loan processes to function. 
Important: There are two more steps to be completed for processing student loans:
1. Entrance Counseling
2. Promissory Notes
It does not matter in what order you complete these three steps:
1. Accepting Student Loan Amounts
2. Entrance Counseling for Student Loans
3. Completing Promissory Notes
Not sure about how much aid to accept?
Available on our website is a worksheet that will help you determine an appropriate amount of loan for you. You may find this worksheet on our Forms page.