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As a student at The Catholic University of America, you are provided with an email account that is powered by Google.  If you already have a Gmail account, then you will already be familiar with the interface and features offered by Gmail.

  • An enormous inbox capacity: 7 gigabytes and constantly increasing. (As a bearing, 1 gigabyte of email printed out would fill a pickup truck.)
  • Easy access to your account through the web, or from just about any mobile device.
  • The use of Google Docs - where you can create, store, and share all your important school-related materials, including Word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint slideshows.  Google Docs is an excellent resource for backing up your files and making sure you're never caught without that outline that's due in an hour!

How do I figure out what my CUA email address is?

Your CUA email address is usually* the last 2 digits of your student ID number, followed by your last name, followed by  For instance, if your student ID number is 12345678 and your last name is Smith, your email address will likely be  The first part of your email address is your username for Cardinal Mail. 

*The first part of the address (before the @) can be a maximum 12 characters, and must be unique.  So if there's already been a 78smith, and somebody new comes to CUA with the same combination, they will get a different address, most likely with their first initial appended, e.g. 78smithr. 

I already have an email account.  Do I have to use my CUA email account as well?

Short answer: yes.  For legally-mandated accountability purposes, all official notifications are sent to your CUA email account.  For this reason, you are required to check your CUA email daily.  If you do not want to check 2 different email accounts, we recommend that you take advantage of Cardinal Mail's forwarding feature.  Click here for information on setting up email forwarding.

How do I access my Cardinal Mail account?

The easiest way to get to your Cardinal Mail account is to go to (which is a very useful "portal" for many things throughout your CUA career) and click on the Cardinal Mail link at the top.  For information on setting up your Cardinal Mail account on your mobile device, click here.



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