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In summer 2011, the law school offered two summer law programs:

The International Human Rights Summer Law Program in Rome, Italy and the International Business and Trade Summer Law Program in Cracow, Poland

In summer 2012 we are offering only the Cracow program. The Rome program will next take place in the summer of 2013.

All participants must abide by the CUA Law academic rules and policies while studying in summer law abroad programs.

Human Rights Law Program in Rome   Cracow 2012


CUA Law Students who participate in CUA Summer Law programs will receive credit for courses completed in Cracow or Rome, and the grades given will count toward the cumulative average.  Law students from other schools must seek permission to receive credits from CUA Law programs, and in many cases credits transfer but grades do not count toward the cumulative GPA. 

Non-CUA Summer Abroad Programs. Current CUA law students may seek permission under Academic Rule XIII to attend Summer School classes at other ABA Accredited Law Schools or at Summer Abroad programs of other ABA Accredited Law Schools.

With that prior approval:

a. CUA Law will accept no more than 5 credits in one summer from any program other than our own program (domestic or study abroad.)

b. CUA Law will not accept credits from multiple summer school programs.

c. Summer courses at other law schools will not count toward CUA residency requirements.


At the Columbus School of Law, the academic programs are a comprehensive legal education weaving a strong theoretical foundation with sophisticated practical training. This distinctive educational approach furnishes students with the mental tools to face the demands of the 21st century.