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Student Policy Projects 2016  

Each year, LPP students in their final year undertake a public policy campaign. Working with their professors, students devise, design, research, and present a policy campaign on an issue of national or regional importance. Students often work with legislators, regulators, and other stakeholders as part of the process. These projects are a unique opportunity for CUA students to engage in policymaking directly and to see firsthand the complexities involved in making change happen.


The LPP Student Public Policy Campaigns for 2015-2016 were:


·         Improve the market for organ donations with a tax credit for employers who let employees take time off for organ donations and by making changes to the public school curriculum.

·         Propose amendments to tenant’s rights legislation in Washington DC to enhance the ability of tenants to stay in their buildings before a landlord can redevelop and sell the property.

·         Make clarifying changes to federal appropriations legislation to protect the rights of victims of sex trafficking.

·         Strengthen the oversight mechanism for Inspector Generals in the Department of Defense to minimize wasteful spending overseas.

·         Advocacy for a year-round school year in Washington DC for some students to alleviate the loss of learning that can occur over the summer vacation.

·         Provide for new legislation to allow federal law enforcement to have access to encrypted data to help fight terrorism.

·         Advocacy for State specific legislation that strikes a balance between religious liberty and the rights of the LGBT community.

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