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2013 Field Trip Schedule

Activity Date
Krakow Walking Tour TBD
Wieliczka Salt Mines TBD
Alumni Bonfire TBD
Auschwitz  TBD
Zakopane TBD
(Optional overnight stay)
Dunajec River Rafting TBD

 While in Cracow, students will not spend their entire time in the classroom. Several excursions are planned to introduce all participants to the culture and history of Poland. Although participation is not mandatory, the cost of all planned day trips is included in the program fee.

The program's activities commence with a walking tour of historic Cracow and Wawel Castle. Other planned program excursions may include a riverboat tour on the Dunajec River through the Pieniny Mountains, a visit to Pieskowa Skala Valley to tour the landscape and castle, and a tour of the underground craftsmanship and geological wonders of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Interested students can also take advantage of the scheduled trip to the former concentration camp at Oswiecim (Auschwitz). The magnificent foothills of the Carpathian Mountains are within close distance to Cracow, and a one-day trip to Zakopane, a popular mountain resort at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, is included in the program's activities. Accommodations can be arranged at a reasonable cost for those students who wish to stay overnight in Zakopane. The summer's planned activities are wrapped up with a bonfire and cookout on the beautiful grounds of the Agricultural University in the countryside of Cracow.

 Additionally, each year, all American and Polish Program alumni are invited to special events in Cracow and Washington, D.C. to celebrate their achievements and the program's longevity, and to give past and current participants the opportunity to meet, interact and enrich the already existing network of program alumni.


Program Pictures


Professor Iza Krasnicka (center), our former Polish Program Coordinator, enjoys a fun-filled rafting tour on the Dunajec River.

The peaks of the rugged Tatra Mountains form a natural border between Poland and Slovakia, its southern neighbor.

Students in the 2008 Summer Law Program captured a photographic moment at the gates of the Wawel Castle.

What's a Bratniak dorm room like?  View video taken by John Heekin, Cracow 2009.

Dorm room movie More Program Pictures are found in Picasa album - CUA Cracow 2008 Web Album and in the PowerPoint slides from last year's info sessions:

 Andrea & Rachael's-Get Ready Krakow - Here I Come! (ppt)
 Andrea & Rachael's Top 10 Reasons to go to Krakow (ppt)

More photos of Cracow



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