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The program is open to U.S., Canadian and European law students who are currently enrolled in an accredited law school as a J.D. or LL.M. candidate and will have completed one year of academic work (full or part-time) prior to the start of the program. Graduates of accredited law schools may also participate in the Summer Law Program but will not earn academic credit. The Program also includes LL.M. students enrolled in CUA's American Law Program and admits up to 15 Polish students from various law schools in Poland as well.

Students enrolled in law schools accredited by the ABA (or official accreditation body of Canada for Canadian students) who successfully complete course work will receive academic credit from The Catholic University of America. Applicants should determine in advance the home institution's policy regarding the transfer of credits. Students interested in acceleration should contact their home school to review the issue in light of Standard 304, Interpretation 4, of the ABA's Standards for Approval of Law Schools.


Polish applicants only: 

Fee requirements regarding tuition do not apply to Polish students. However, a $200 administrative fee will be due upon admittance. All Polish students interested in applying for admission to the Summer Law Program will be interviewed in Poland by the director of the program in May 2012 and selected after consultations with their home institutions. This year's schedule of interviews will be available in late March.  Polish students admitted to the program may be eligible to receive scholarships and other financial support provided by the program sponsors.  Polish students are responsible for their own room and board, and may opt to room with the American students at the Zaczek.

 All interested Polish students may contact Professor Chorosnicki at the following address:

Prof. dr hab. Michal Chorosnicki
Administrator Kursu Letniego Prawa
Uniwersytet Jagiellonski
ul. Jablonowskich 5
31-114 Kraków

Cancellation Policy

The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law reserves the right to change or cancel the program at any time prior to May 1. Cancellation at a later date will occur only if necessary for reasons beyond the control of the law school. If the law school cancels the program, all tuition and deposit charges will be returned and applicants will be assisted in locating and gaining admission to another international summer law program. CUAbroad Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy