The Catholic University of America
Compliance, Investigations
& Corporate Responsibility Program Admission

The Institutes Application for CUA Law is available for download to view, fill out, and print, fax or e-mail at your leisure. Click here to download application as Adobe pdf. 

Current CUA Law students should submit their CICR application to Jordan Blackwell at

Law School Admission Inquiries

Inquiries regarding admissions should be directed to the School of Law, Office of Admissions, The Catholic University of America, Cardinal Station, Washington, D.C. 20064

Phone: 202-319-5151

Assistant Dean: Shani J.P. Butts

At the School of Law our goal is to create a community of learning rich in multicultural diversity. Soliciting applicants from a vast array of racial, religious, social and ethnic backgrounds, cultivates an educational environment where free thought in the marketplace of ideas is not just accepted, but the norm.

CICR Contact Information


Columbus School of Law
Suite 463
3600 John McCormack Rd., NE

Washington, DC 20064

Sarah H. Duggin
Director of the Compliance, Investigations, and Corporate Responsibility Program