The Catholic University of America
Compliance, Investigations
& Corporate Responsibility Program (CICR)

Course Offerings

All students must complete the following 5 courses.

Name of Course  Credits
Corporations 3
Compliance and Corporate Responsibility 2
Conducting Internal Investigations 1
Risk Management, Audit and Financial Controls 1
Information Privacy 2








Students must complete one externship in the compliance field. The externship may be paid or taken for academic credit. Academic credit (2 to 3 hrs.) requires completion of a Becoming a Lawyer Course (1 hr.).


Students must complete a significant writing project – i.e., a journal note, a seminar paper, or other project that satisfies at least one-half of the Upper Division writing requirement on a CICR-related topic.


Students must complete two (2) of the following elective courses.

Name of Course  Credits
Advanced Issues in Corporate Law-Corps & Human Rights (Rome) 2
Antitrust  3
Campaign Finance Law 2
Consumer Finance Seminar  2
Copyright Law 3
Cyberlaw 3
Election Law 2
Environmental Law  3
Fair Employment Law 2
Federal Regulation of Food and Drugs  2
Financial Institutions Regulation 3
Health Law  2/3
Human Trafficking Law  2
Immigration Law: Employment, Family and Naturalization  2
* International Corruption and Compliance (formerly FCPA) 1
International Environmental Law (Rome)  2
International Human Rights (Rome)  2
Introduction to Intellectual Property Law 3
Labor and Employment Law 3
Law of the European Union (Cracow) 2
Not-for-Profit Organizations 2
Securities Regulation: Compliance 3
Trademarks and Unfair Competition  3
* White Collar and Business Crimes 2


























1. Asterisks (*) indicate courses of particular relevance.
2. Securities compliance is a specialized field in itself. Students who seek careers in securities compliance ordinarily should pursue a Securities certificate or concentration, but CICR students interested in securities may count the course as a qualifying CICR elective.


CICR Contact Information


Columbus School of Law
Suite 463
3600 John McCormack Rd., NE

Washington, DC 20064

Sarah H. Duggin
Director of the Compliance, Investigations, and Corporate Responsibility Program