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Fellowships are short-term (most are one or two years) post-graduate opportunities in a specific field of interest. Many have formalized training programs, loan forgiveness programs, housing and/or travel stipends and numerous other opportunities for networking.

Legal fellowships constitute a significant share of the entry-level public interest job market. There are numerous benefits to being a legal fellow, including top-rate training and supervision, working in fields with organizations that usually only hire more experienced attorneys, a point of entry for continued employment, and employment contacts for post-fellowship job opportunities.

Additionally, there are two main types of fellowships:
Project-based fellowships - an individual develops a project with a sponsoring organization and the individual applies to a second organization for funding (for example, Equal Justice Works or the Skadden Fellowship Foundation)
Organization fellowships - the candidate applies directly to the organization who has posted the fellowship opportunity (essentially, these are short-term positions at the organization).

There are also academic, law firm, international, entrepreneurial and government fellowships. Visit the PSJD Fellowships page for more information.
If you are interested in pursuing a fellowship, have questions, or would like additional information, please contact OCPD at (202) 319-5132 or



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