Compliance and Corporate Responsibility

The M.L.S. track in Compliance and Corporate Responsibility is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of regulatory issues and how they affect an entity. Compliance officers are responsible for ensuring corporate and regulatory compliance with the laws and regulations in a variety of industries. Students will learn how to plan, develop, implement and coordinate systems to detect, correct, and prevent potential problems of noncompliance within entities.

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Employment and Human Resources

The M.L.S. track in Employment and Human Resources provides students with the opportunity to engage in an in-depth study of crucial issues in human resources rules and regulations such as employee hiring and termination, managing the employer/employee relationship and negotiation, contract formation and enforcement, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution.

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Intellectual Property

The M.L.S. track in Intellectual Property is designed to provide a comprehensive look at the laws shaping our patent, trademark, and copyright systems. Students will benefit from learning about how intellectual property rights are granted, protected, and enforced, as well as the relationship among various intellectual property regimes. This track may be particularly attractive to students with technical or scientific backgrounds who are eligible for the Patent Bar and interested in pursuing a career as a patent agent representing individuals and companies in the patent prosecution process before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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Criminal Justice

The M.L.S. track in Criminal Justice is designed for those employed in the criminal justice system—such as law enforcement officers, probation or parole officers, court employees, and other criminal justice professionals. Courses will cover the nature and structure of core criminal offenses and defenses, including the legal rules governing police conduct in investigating crimes and the procedural rules specific to criminal prosecutions.

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Political Law

The M.L.S. track in Political Law is designed to provide students with a comprehensive exposure to the various laws and entities that regulate the political process. Courses will cover the legal issues that arise before, during, and after an election, and that apply to the various interactions and activities of government entities and representatives. This track may be attractive to individuals working with or in Congress or any Executive Branch department or agency, including government affairs personnel, or individuals that work in campaign politics or issue advocacy.

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General U.S. Law

The General Masters of Legal Studies degree provides an introduction to the major areas of law and allows students to design a course of study that best suits their interests and needs. This degree is designed for students whose careers require a working knowledge of a broad spectrum of legal concepts and procedures or those with careers related to an area of the law not covered by our current M.L.S. tracks.

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