1. Submit a Locker Request if you would like to be assigned a locker on the first floor of the law school.

  2. Follow CUA law on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  3. Parking permits in the University garage adjacent to the Law School will be available for purchase online later this summer.

  4. Request a student peer mentor here

  5. E-mail photos for student IDs to Heather Doerr at doerr@cua.edu by Monday, August 3, 2020.  


  • Photos should be submitted in standard portrait layout (4 x 3 ratio). Do NOT submit square or panoramic photos.
  • Take the picture in front of a white or light colored wall.
  • Keep your hands and arms at your sides.
  • Smile for the picture.
  • Focus the camera from your shoulders to the top of your head - see the examples for approximate sizing.
  • Use a JPEG format image from a digital camera or scanner.


  • Wear any hats, scarves or sunglasses unless they are worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons.
    • Wear any oversized jewelry.
    • Have an inappropriate facial expression.
    • Have any other individuals or pets in the photo with you.
    • Have on an inappropriate t-shirt.

We strongly recommend uploading your school picture taken by a professional photographer for your Cardinal Card since it may already meet the ID picture requirements - no need to crop or adjust it. Photos that do not meet the required standards will not be printed.

Sample ID Photos

Acceptable Photo

Unacceptable Photos

Correct image overexposed image underexposed image Low quality/visible dots
  • correct check mark correct exposure
  • correct check mark solid background
  • correct check mark head and shoulders fill the frame
  • correct check mark smiling
  • correct check mark appropriate dress
  • correct check mark correct dimensions
incorrect check mark Overexposed incorrect check mark Underexposed incorrect check mark Low quality/visible dots
Out of focus Confusing background image too small wrong dimensions
incorrect check mark Out of focus incorrect check mark Not a clear background incorrect check mark Portrait too small incorrect check mark Wrong dimensions