• Center for Law and the Human Person Logo 

    The Center for Law and the Human Person is pleased to introduce its logo, which places man within the context of the cosmos, as created and sustained by God through the light of Christ. The human figure is the Universal Man of St. Hildegard of Bingen. Man, as presented by St. Hildegard, is the pinnacle of God’s creation and made in His image. St. Hildegard’s man is not autonomous and self-sovereign; rather, the human person is part of creation, embedded in a network of relations, drawn to the common good, and governed by God’s Providence.

    Man receives the gold rays of God’s light and participates through the natural law in God’s eternal reason. That divine light, emanating from the Father and radiating through Christ and the Holy Spirit, illumines man’s path to virtue and ultimately beatitude with God.

    The design is set within the shape of the Tudor Rose medallion that was appended to the gold Collar of Esses worn by St. Thomas More, the patron saint of lawyers, in the service of King Henry VIII, as depicted in Hans Holbein’s portrait.

    The blue font surrounding the design echoes the blue in the shield of the Catholic University of America and confirms that the Center is fully aligned with the mission of the University and the Columbus School of Law.