The Catholic University of America complies fully with the provisions of Section 438 of the General Education Provisions Act, Title IV of Public Law 90-247 as amended, which guarantee the confidentiality of student records and gives to the individual student the right to examine official records maintained for him or her. Copies of the University policy statement may be found at


A student’s name of record includes the first name, middle initial or full middle name, and the family name. Nicknames may not be used. The University will change the name of a currently enrolled student on its official records on request, but may require satisfactory evidence of a legal basis for the change. Both the new name and the old name will appear on the student’s transcript which, together with other permanently maintained records, will be filed under the new name and cross-referenced under the old name. The University is under no obligation to record a change of name for students who are not currently enrolled, including those who have graduated, and normally will not do so.


Students are responsible for maintaining accurate address records by keeping their address or addresses up-to-date in Cardinal Students.


Transcripts of records issued by the registrar are photocopies of the complete unabridged academic record of the student at this university. Requests for the issuance of transcripts must be sent to the Office of Enrollment Services or made through Cardinal Students.

A transcript or grades will not be released to or for a student whose account with the University is not settled in full.