The Catholic University of America

American Law Program

Background Information

In June 2000, The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law and the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University entered into an historic cooperative agreement to jointly establish a program in American law studies in Cracow, Poland. This venture is part of a larger effort by the Jagiellonian University to develop a comprehensive program for comparative studies by Polish law students of non-Polish legal systems. Pursuant to this agreement, members of the CUA law faculty teach a series of intensive one and two week courses at the Jagiellonian University in each academic year. This package of short courses introduces Jagiellonian students to the essence and structure of the United States' legal system and profession. Students also are exposed to the pedagogical and analytical methods typically employed by legal educators in the United States. This program represents a sound model of cooperation between universities committed to understanding and participating in the internationalization of the world's legal order.