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Law School Expands Specialties within Master of Legal Studies Program



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The Columbus School of Law’s Master of Legal Studies Program, set to launch in August 2014, has increased the number of areas of academic emphasis available to new students.
In addition to the originally planned focus on Intellectual Property law, the M.L.S. degree program will now offer three additional academic tracks in Compliance and Corporate Responsibility, Employment and Human Resources, and General U.S. Law.
The 26-credit program will offer students both a general understanding of the American legal system and a specific knowledge of their chosen field of interest without requiring the time and expense associated with a J.D. program.   M.L.S. students will complete the program on a part-time schedule over three or four semesters.
The degree program is designed to meet the demand for professionals who want to develop specialized knowledge and enhanced understanding of the critical role the law plays across various industries and disciplines.  
“The legal landscape is rapidly evolving, and there is a growing need for non-J.D. professionals to become familiar and stay current with the laws that regulate or affect their livelihoods,” said law school Dean Daniel F. Attridge.
“Our M.L.S. degree will serve the educational needs of this expanding group of professionals, including legal support staff, scientists, and engineers, and others working in heavily regulated fields.”
Catholic University’s new M.L.S. program is not intended to train students for careers as attorneys, but instead to expose them to the law and provide expertise in the area of law applicable to their chosen field.
In addition to working professionals and graduates of American universities and colleges, the Master of Legal Studies degree program is also accepting applications from graduates of foreign universities.
For further information, contact M.L.S. program co-directors:
Professor Elizabeth Winston
Professor Megan La Belle