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Left-to-right: Juan Pablo Beca, Catholic University of Temuco, Chile; Martin Kopa, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic; Leah Wortham, Columbus School of Law, U.S.; Nigel Duncan, The City Law School, London, UK, M. Elvira Mendez-Pinedo, University of Iceland.  


Two CUA Law Professors Present at Legal Ethics Conference in Canada


Catholic University law school Professors Leah Wortham and Lisa Lerman were among the presenters at “International Legal Ethics Conference V: Merging Worlds, Emerging Discourses,” held July 12-14 in Banff, Alberta, Canada. 

More than 200 legal academics, practitioners, regulators, and judges from 19 countries attended the conference, which was organized by the University of Calgary. 
Professor Wortham organized and chaired a presentation on “Pioneering in Teaching Ethics.” She was joined for the session by colleagues from the United Kingdom, Chile, the Czech Republic, and Iceland. The panel examined the primary objectives to be addressed in legal ethics courses in the presenters’ respective countries, as well as the obstacles faced in pioneering this kind of teaching.
Professor Lerman’s presentation, “Small Group Discussion in Professional Responsibility Classes: A Protocol for Inclusion of Marginalized Students” was part of a panel on Education Innovations in Teaching Legal Ethics.
The fifth International Legal Ethics Conference was designed to focus in particular on the streams of culture, ethics, and society. That broad scope included the consideration of such topics as lawyering for and by indigenous peoples, the philosophy of law and its intersection with questions of legal and judicial ethics, and ethics teaching and regulation of law schools.