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Professor Suzette Malveaux Interviewed on
CNN about Kagan Confirmation Hearings


Catholic University law school professor Suzette Malveaux appeared on CNN’s The Situation Room on June 30, discussing Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the substance of her answers to lawmakers on various questions.
If Malveaux seemed to click with the interviewer, it was no surprise. For the first time, she appeared as the invited guest of her twin sister, Suzanne, who was filling in on the program for usual host Wolf Blitzer.
“My sister invited me to give legal commentary since she is anchoring this week. It was quite a splash!” said Professor Malveaux. The unusual nature of the sister-sister interview was picked up in the Washington Post and other media outlets.
Professor Malveaux said that Kagan has played it safe during her confirmation hearings, giving political opponents little to concentrate on. What will Americans think of the next likely justice on the Supreme Court? In truth, most won’t have a strong opinion, said Malveaux, noting that more Americans can name two of Snow White’s seven dwarves than can name a single justice on the nation’s highest court.