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 (Left) Margaret McGuire, 2002, and Christina McGlosson-Wilson, 1998, have been elevated to new positions that support the office of the director of the SEC's Division of Enforcement. 


Two CUA Law Alumnae Receive Senior Appointments
at the Securities and Exchange Commission


Two graduates of the law school’s Securities Law Program have been promoted to influential new positions within the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Margaret McGuire, 2002 has been named senior counsel to the director and deputy director at the SEC  effective May 2010. In her new position McGuire will serve as a senior policy adviser, providing assistance, support and advice for a wide range of issues presented to the office of the director. These include strategic initiatives, case monitoring and development, project management, policy development, legislative inquiries and speechwriting and public communications. McGuire will also represent the director’s office at internal and external meetings.
She joined the division in 2002, and was appointed as a branch chief in 2006. Her extensive experience in financial fraud investigations includes having worked on several complex accounting fraud matters. She has also assisted in the coordination of the SEC’s nationwide enforcement efforts related to options backdating. McGuire has conducted or supervised many investigations involving potential financial fraud, proxy violations, insider trading, touting/scalping, and violations of the anti-bribery provisions of the FCPA. McGuire is a three-time recipient of the SEC’s Division Director’s Award, which saluted her work on cases involving financial fraud at Fannie Mae, FCPA violations at Monsanto, and document retention and production failures at Merrill Lynch, among other cases.
While a student at the Columbus School of Law, McGuire won a national Securities Law Moot Court Competition. She has taught intermediate financial accounting as an adjunct professor at Catholic University since 1999.
In a newly created position, Christina McGlosson-Wilson, 1998, has been named counsel for management and administration to the Office of the Director. She will oversee projects related to the effective operation of the office, including working with the division’s senior communications adviser on internal and external communications projects; drafting speeches and talking points for the director; managing the division’s quarterly case review process; managing enforcement-related responses to the GAO, Inspector General and other entities; and various operational projects related to the proper functioning of the division of enforcement.  
McGlosson-Wilson had served as senior counsel in the Division of Enforcement’s office of chief counsel since 2006, where she reviewed proposed enforcement recommendations and served as an enforcement liaison in the areas of financial and accounting fraud. 
Earlier, she investigated complex financial fraud cases and received Enforcement Division Director Awards in 2005 and 2004 for her work.
“This significant, double-appointment of two outstanding law school alumni gives me special pride,” said Professor David Lipton, who taught both women while they were in law school and has strongly supported their careers since. “Both of these appointments put graduates of our securities program in policy-making positions, where they have the opportunity to affect the public image of the SEC. Our students are well-versed in securities law, but they also know policy and politics.”
For her part, McGlosson-Wilson was equally complimentary of Lipton. “You helped guide us each step of the way,” she wrote to him when announcing the news.