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Faculty in the News
December 2011

Professor Victor Williams was quoted by National Public Radio on Dec. 9, 2011 for its story, “Congress Won't Recess to Block Obama Appointments.” Williams argued that the Obama Administration is must forcefully challenge Congress’s refusal to appoint many of its nominees to government posts. He made the same point in the Dec. 11th edition of The Washington Times,House Republicans playing hardball at recess.”


Professor Marshall Breger co-authored “Ancient Texting: The Urgency of Muslim-Jewish Dialogue” (Dec. 2) in Huffington PostReligion. The essay decried proposed legislative attacks on sharia, or Muslim law, by at least 20 U.S. states.

Professor Mark Rienzi was interviewed by the National Review Online (Nov. 29) for “Conscience Cause: Will the President Make a Call for Liberty?” The article examined the conscience clause issues at stake in Belmont Abbey College v. Sebelius, a case that drew Rienzi’s pro bono involvement.

Professor Mary Leary published “Sexual Abuse and Moral Indifference,” (Nov. 28) in Public Discourse online. She wrote, “The recent scandal at Penn State has brought to light more than just sexual abuse and its cover up; it has exposed the indifference that cultural norms have groomed in some of our young adults.”


Professor Clifford Fishman was interviewed live on Nov. 8, 2011, for “On Point,” produced by National Public Radio affiliate WBUR-FM. He discussed U.S. v Jones, a case that examines whether the Constitution allows police to put a tracking device on a car without either a warrant or the owner's permission.  


Professor Megan La Belle was quoted in the National Law Journal (Oct. 10) for “Antitrust spat tests D.C. courts' jurisdiction.” The article addressed an antitrust dispute between Brazilian and U.S. steel producers.