The Catholic University of America

Hands-on training helps produce what employers want most: Practice-ready graduates. Doing it yourself completes the transformation from student to lawyer, producing confident graduates who know that any goal they set is well within their grasp. 

The proof lies with our graduates, whose high level of satisfaction with their legal educations placed the law school in the Top 15 nationally, according to the 2014 midlevel associates survey conducted by The American Lawyer magazine.

The Columbus School of Law offers an extensive array of hands-on opportunities that allow students to do nearly everything a practicing attorney does, under the supervision and guidance of our highly experienced faculty.

In different settings, CUA Law students can rise to the challenge of representing clients in court, preparing briefs and background research, or learning the ins-and-outs of legal practice in the government and the private sector.

What does practical mean?

    • Practical is assuming responsibility for managing real cases that affect the lives of real clients through one of our seven legal clinics.
    • Practical is working alongside and learning from experts in more than 100 externship opportunities all around Washington, D.C.
    • Practical is honing essential skills—writing, speaking, reasoning, and researching—through the comprehensive simulations that comprise our Lawyering Skills Program.

Practical has been a hallmark of a Catholic University Law School education for decades. Put practical to work for you.