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Professor Emeritus Harvey Zuckman, founder of Catholic University's communications law
program, stands at center with adjunct institute lecturers on Oct. 19, 2010.
Zuckman recruited most of these successful practitioners into CUA law classrooms.


Silver Anniversary Celebrated for Institute for Communications Law Studies


Dozens of alumni of Catholic University’s Institute for Communications Law Studies returned to the law school on Oct. 19, 2010, to help celebrate the program’s 25th year of existence and honor its founder, Professor Emeritus Harvey Zuckman. 

“I didn’t know if it would work or how long it would last,” said Zuckman, describing the launch of the communications law program in 1980. “Somehow this institute has survived, and thrived, because of you.”

At the time, communications law programs were relatively rare in U.S. law schools. But sensing an opportunity for the Columbus School of Law to carve a niche for itself, Zuckman designed the original curriculum, helped to attract its first students and began the long, arduous process of building a name for the new program within a burgeoning area of legal practice.
A quarter-century later, it is clear that he succeeded, said Professor Donna Coleman Gregg, the institute’s current director. She told the gathered alumni, “With every graduating class, you have moved the reputation of the institute forward.”
Many of the institute’s alumni hold top positions in the communications law field, both in the private sector and government. The institute has earned nationwide respect for producing exceptional practitioners, men and women who stay on top of a fast-changing area of law.
“You are the evidence of that legacy,” Dean Veryl Miles said during the speaking program. “Professor Zuckman did so much that we are thankful for. Most importantly, he captured your imagination.”
Zuckman’s remarks to the assembled well-wishers were brief. He reminisced about the institute’s modest beginning, kidded the dean about inadvertently driving her away from family law when she was a student in his class, and made of point of asking alumni “to double and re-double” their efforts to help recent institute graduates land jobs in a still- challenging legal hiring market.
Speaking for everyone, he concluded with a final thought, “I hope this will continue for another 25 years.”
The reception was sponsored by the Institute for Communications Law Studies and the Communications Law Students Association.