The Catholic University of America
Catholic Identity

The Columbus School of Law is an integral part of The Catholic University of America and it supports and advances the goals of the university as a whole. These include a commitment to the ideals of the dignity of each human person; respect for the inviolability of all human life; justice rooted in the common good; the recognition and protection of human rights as gifts of the Creator; care for the poor, the neglected, and the vulnerable; and the obligation of love for one another.

We are a law school that fully embraces the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition, a tradition that includes respect for the diversity of backgrounds, religious affiliations, viewpoints, and contributions that members bring to the law school community.

You do not need to be a Catholic, or even religiously observant, to thrive and feel at home within the Columbus School of Law community. For students for whom expression of faith is a central part of self-identify, however, the law school and the university offer spiritually nourishing resources.    

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